3 Hands-down, Must Have, Great Lighting iPhone Apps

Whether you need to meter for setting up lights for videoconferencing, in an auditorium or a major stage production, here are 3 must-have iPhone Apps.

3 Hands-down, Must Have, Great Lighting iPhone Apps
SLIDE SHOW 3 Must Have Lighting Apps -- Really
3 Hands-down, Must Have, Great Lighting iPhone Apps
SLIDE SHOW 3 Must Have Lighting Apps -- Really

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3 Hands-down, Must Have, Great Lighting iPhone Apps

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I was recently at an industry event chatting with C.T. Oakes, Sales Manager at Brightline. We were talking about how important the proper lighting is in a variety of scenarios. To my shock he pulled out his iPhone and metered the room. I figured he was just demonstrating a casual point and of course wouldn’t think of using an App in a real situation.

With a masters degree in lighting design and 35 years of lighting everything from videoconferencing rooms to major theater productions Oaks said that the Whitegoods iPhone App is as accurate as the expensive device he had been using for many years. And it’s free.

The LightMeter App by Whitegoods assumes you already know your way around a light meter. But for free and a “glowing” endorsement — you can learn more about using light meters on elsewhere.

Two More Must-have Lighting Apps
In addition, here are two other essentials that have come highly recommended by the pros to round out your lighting Apps. For $29.99 the Light Source iPhone and iPad app is a fully functional photometric calculator for industry professionals.

Spending $99.99 on an App might sound crazy, but the Luminair DMX Lighting Control iPhone App might be in that special category, “You get what you pay for.” The DMX lighting control software allows users to wirelessly control lighting fixtures, dimmers, consoles, and media servers all via a Wi-Fi connection — and much more.

Check out the slide show for the details on these Apps.

For all of the emails that I am about to get asking for great Android Apps for lighting — I am requesting anyone who has experienced a great Android App for lighting — please share!

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