Epson Debuts New Ultra-Portable Wireless Projectors

The new PowerLite 1700 Series promises bright images in a slim form factor, starting at $649.

Epson Debuts New Ultra-Portable Wireless Projectors
The Epson PowerLite 1761W.
Epson Debuts New Ultra-Portable Wireless Projectors
The Epson PowerLite 1761W.

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A projector can be a permanent video solution, even if it doesn’t have a permanent spot on the wall. Epson is making the PowerLite 1700 Series portable, in a package that’s easy to tote.

Yes, it’s easy to take to another room or even another state. That’s because each of the PowerLite 1700 projectors weigh less than four pounds and are as thin as a laptop, at 1.7 inches tall.

The Series includes the PowerLite 1751, 1761W, 1771W, and 1776W. All of them have the latest 3LCD, 3-chip technology and boast super-bright color, HDMI connectivity and a USB port. The PowerLite 1761W, 1771W and 1776W add in wireless capabilities, as well as support for Epson’s iProjection app.

The PowerLite 1751 and 1761W offer 2,600 lumens of brightness, with the 1771W and 1776W boasting 3,000 lumens. The PowerLite 1751 features XGA resolution, while the other three have a widescreen resolution (16:10 aspect ratio).

That PowerLite 1776W is also a standout, via the Quick-Connect Wireless USB key. This creates an ad-hoc wireless connection to the projector, for use with multiple computers. It also has automatic keystone and focus adjustments.

The PowerLite 1761W, 1771W and 1776W also offer monitoring and control, virtual remote control, and presentation via IP network capabilities.

All of the new PowerLite models include a 1.2x zoom for a shorter throw distance. That basically means that users can get a big 60-inch image from just 4 feet away.

Epson says that the PowerLite 1751, the 1761W, the 1771W and the 1776W are all available now . They are priced at $649, $799, $999 and $1,099, respectively.

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