InfoComm: A CTS Perspective

Christopher Neto, CTS, toured the floor Tuesday and has given us his impressions.

InfoComm: A CTS Perspective

View Christopher's slideshow of favorite products.

Credit: Christopher Neto
InfoComm: A CTS Perspective

View Christopher's slideshow of favorite products.

Credit: Christopher Neto

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InfoComm: A CTS Perspective

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I love technology. I love cool gadgets that do interesting things. I love sound systems that can be played loud. I love big displays. You get the idea….I am in the right place!

InfoComm 2012 started on Tuesday for me. I flew across the country to be immersed in technology, and what better place to have this gathering then in Vegas? The minute you step off the plane your surrounded by lights and sounds. The Vegas Strip is a technology amusement park for A/V people. Some may say it can be overwhelming. The only thing I personally think would be overwhelming would be to drive down the strip. How do you see a red traffic light against a red-lit backdrop?

I do enjoy walking out and seeing the all the lights and sounds.  I have to admit, like most people attending the show,  my eye will go right to the one corner of the display that is off or off color.
Tuesday concluded with dinner. My seared tuna was accompanied with side order of 80s and 90s tunes mixed on the spot by a hardworking DJ. The sound system in this restaurant that would make most nightclubs back home bury their head in shame. I was in my element.

My first day at the convention center was a interesting. I was on a mission when I left my room. I was armed with a plan and a scheduled apointment.  I was determined to make it work.

Within the first 60 minutes the plan was done. My first apointment did not take place due to people chatting. My second meeting was not a scheduled one, but that started 20 minutes late. Finally, the third meeting I canceled due to the late start of my second meeting. I gave up on meetings and ran around the floor searching out products without a plan.

Along the way I met fellow online Twitter AVTweeps. Though my favorite things to do at Infocomm is to play “Who do they work for now?” and “Six Degrees of Audiovisual,” games and Tweeps aside, I did see some nice equipment. At the end of the day I sorted through my notes and came across some products that I and you may or have not have seen. I see the products from the eyes of a former support person, so excuse me if I’m overly excited about something that I find easy to use and even easier to support.

View the slideshow for Chris Neto’s observations.

Christopher Neto, CTS, DMC-D, EAVA, TPE, SSYB, blogs at

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