Screen Innovations Debuts 3 Versions of Black Diamond Screen

Each of the new solutions are designed for different applications.

Screen Innovations Debuts 3 Versions of Black Diamond Screen
SI's Black Diamond Stealth

Screen Innovations (SI) wants to please everyone. Looking at the company’s Black Diamond screen, we’re guessing they have a pretty high success rate. Just to make sure though, SI is releasing three versions of the screen solution.

First up is the Black Diamond Stealth. This motorized projection screen is designed to make the image look like it’s “floating” in the air. It also allows the screen to blend seamlessly into its surroundings.

Featuring a slender, cable-hung, motorized cassette, Stealth can drop a small tube from the ceiling hanging only by thin aircraft cables. Once the tube stops at a preset location, the screen material rolls into place. When not in use, it goes back into hiding. Other features include Black Diamond ambient light rejection technology and the promise of zero glare and reflection.

Next up is the Black Diamond Zero Edge. Like the Stealth, this one can blend into the background, but has a pencil-thin bezel. This one has ambient light rejection screen technology and the option for custom diagonal screen sizes.

Last, but certainly not least, SI has the new Black Diamond Venue. This micro-seamed rigid panel projection screen promises a whole new commercial landscape, by eliminating the need for a pitch-black environment to get great large-screen images. Available in large custom diagonal sizes, this one can be wall-mounted or flown from a ceiling or truss. It’s also available in all three Black Diamond G3 materials, including the new Black Diamond BD 2.7, BD 1.4 Gain, and BD .8 Gain.

Both the Zero Edge and the Venue are shipping now. The Stealth, on the other hand, will be available sometime this summer.

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