Video: Storing Data Using Atoms
By TechDecisions Staff · August 5, 2016 • A team of researchers from several European countries have made a major breakthrough in atomic memory, but that doesn’t mean we’ll be uploading content straight to our DNA anytime soon.

What’s Old is New Again: Why Advanced Analytics is Hotter Than Ever
By Shawn Rogers · August 4, 2016 • Advanced analytics may be a new concept for many businesses, but those in the know have been dealing with it for decades.

3 Needs for Analyzing Everything in the Internet of Things
By TechDecisions Staff · August 3, 2016 • In a recent article, David Bowie of SAS outlines how the Internet of Things will analyze everything. Here are three takeaways to prepare for IoT.

Estonia is Now Accepting Digital Residents to Join the Country
By TechDecisions Staff · August 2, 2016 • The E-Residents are able to set up a business and bank account in the country without actually living there.

New Report Suggests That Employee Appreciation Can Outweigh Monetary Rewards
By TechDecisions Staff · August 1, 2016 • Appirio, a global cloud services provider, conducted a survey of tech employees on the issue of employee appreciations, and the results were surprising.

This Security System Won the 2016 SSI Integrated Installation of the Year
By TechDecisions Staff · July 29, 2016 • Pharmaceutical company Option Care had specific regulations it needed to follow, and P1 came through with a solution that earned the 2016 SSI Integrated Installation of the Year (multisite solution) award.

Registration Now Open for InfoComm Connections New York
By TechDecisions Staff · July 27, 2016 • In addition to opening registration, InfoComm has announced an all-new program for Connections New York focused on collaboration, digital signage, education technology and corporate events.

Verizon is Buying Yahoo for 4.8 Billion Dollars
By TechDecisions Staff · July 26, 2016 • The communications and entertainment giant announced Monday that it will purchase the core internet business from Yahoo.

Meeting Room Automation That Actually Saves Time
By Patrick Murray · July 25, 2016 • The entire point of automation in meeting rooms is to save time in set up. When employees are taking time to figure out how to get the system running, what's the point? Make sure you're automation is doing its job.

Could Cloud Infrastructure Follow the Same Model as Utilities?
By TechDecisions Staff · July 22, 2016 • In the world of the Internet of Things, connecting to the cloud will become as important as connecting to the electrical grid. So should we follow that model?

When Planning a Project Make AV Part of the Construction Plan
By Chris Johnson · July 21, 2016 • Chris Johnson, CTO, corporate and enterprise for Diversified explains the importance of prioritizing AV during the construction phase of projects to ensure technology performs optimally.

5 VoIP Capabilities That You Should Learn About
By TechDecisions Staff · July 20, 2016 • VoIP has been taking over the corporate communications world for some time now, but people still aren’t aware of all of the features.

Microsoft is Getting into the Marijuana Game
By TechDecisions Staff · July 19, 2016 • No, you won’t be buying dime bags from your local Microsoft store. But the company is partnering with Kind Financial to provide software to the cannabis industry.

Why Video Conferencing is No Longer Enough: Raising the Bar for Collaboration
By Dana Corey · July 18, 2016 • Collaboration has evolved continuously. Once it meant working together in a room. Not long after it meant video conferencing across the country or world. Today it means a whole lot more than simple video conferencing.

Business Environments Will Change Thanks to the Internet of Things
By Daniel Newman · July 15, 2016 • Augmented reality and the Internet of Things is going to change the world, and as a part of that the way we do business, and where we do business, will change.

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