The Internet of Things: AV/IT Benefits for the Enterprise
By Craig Park · September 5, 2016 • IoT is quickly and quietly revolutionizing corporate and institutional facilities.

7 Attributes to Identify Your Desired Workspace
By TechDecisions Staff · September 2, 2016 • Harvard Business Review released a video that breaks down seven ways for you to think about how you want your office space designed.

Today’s Collaboration Reaches Further Than Ever, and Employees Know it
By Jonathan Blackwood · September 1, 2016 • The definition of collaboration has changed multiple times as technology has changed, and the Cloud Era will once again stretch our idea of working together. Employees are aware of this, and they’ll choose the company that helps them utilize collaboration.

Here’s Why Office Space Matters to Company Culture
By Petra Geiger · August 31, 2016 • Leadership teams must use every tool in the book, including office space, to cultivate the culture that they feel will strengthen their organizations from the ground up.

Building an AV Strategy in the New Era of AV, IT and the Cloud
By TD Staff · August 30, 2016 • Kramer makes its case in courtroom presentation technology.

This Never-Been-Done-Before LED Installation Is Transforming Shoppers’ Experiences
By TechDecisions Staff · August 30, 2016 • IICG's investment of 5 billion RMB for their three shopping center developments in China paid off as Daktronics delivers unique LED storyboard displays, greatly enhancing shoppers' experiences.

How Can You Use Technology To Keep Your Training Sessions More Engaging?
By Hugh McCullen · August 29, 2016 • Properly training employees starts with making sure that the employee is paying attention. Use technology to ensure your employees are taking in everything they need to know.

10 Questions CIOs Should Ask Before Moving Operations to the Cloud
By Ryan Hunt · August 26, 2016 • Companies are moving to the cloud, but you need to make sure that you're ready first. Here are some questions to ask before moving your operations.

Slideshow: PCI Compliance Myths and FAQs
By TechDecisions Staff · August 25, 2016 • There are a lot of questions and myths surrounding Payment Card Industry compliance. Luckily, BluePay has answers.

Big Data Can Lead to Valuable Marketing to Customers
By TechDecisions Staff · August 24, 2016 • It’s not all about finding and bombarding customers with offers. Big data and analytics can help your company provide valuable content that leads to a sale.

CEO Says AI Will Become a Big Part of B2B Sales
By TechDecisions Staff · August 23, 2016 • Shelly Kramer, CEO of V3 Broadsuite, says that artificial intelligence will be fueling your sales effort one day.

See How Mesh Networks Make Smart Cities Even Smarter
By Todd Rigby · August 22, 2016 • Reliable communication networks can make city services more intelligent, including water and power supply.

If You Don’t Recognize this Technology’s Potential Now, You’ll Regret It Later
By Rachel Quetti · August 19, 2016 • Virtual reality offers more than just entertainment--it's a new potential solution for integrators to offer end-users and could even mean recurring revenue.

Audio is Key at Live Events In This Lower Manhattan Company
By TechDecisions Staff · August 18, 2016 • Arts Brookfiled deploys Martin Audio MLA for live events at the Winter Garden at Brookfield Place.

How This Video Wall Technology Is Helping to Save Lives
By TechDecisions Staff · August 17, 2016 • The Bouches-du- Rhône Fire and Rescue Department can now respond to crises quickly and efficiently thanks to its emergency response center's new video wall processing technology from Agelec and Matrox.

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Building an AV Strategy in the New Era of AV, IT and the Cloud
Kramer shows how its solutions can help build a foundation for a new AV strategy that supports the convergence of IT and migration to the cloud.
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