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Is Unified Communications, Unifying Communications
By Dan Newman · October 28, 2015 • Unified communications has yet to be defined by the industry. There are many versions and many arguments about what unified communications actually means.

Are your files Secure? File Collaboration Security Report Offers Insight
By TechDecisions Staff · October 27, 2015 • More than 80 percent of information security decision makers experienced file data leakage incidents, yet 84 percent expressed moderate to no confidence in their capacity to secure confidential files. Learn more in the FinalCode report.

Interview: Digital Sign­age Advice and Con­sid­era­tions from David Wible
By TechDecisions Staff · October 26, 2015 • TechDecisions sat down with David Wible, CEO of Industry Weapon, to talk about digital signage in the workplace.

Eyes Up Here: How to Draw Attention to Workplace Digital Signage
By Daniel L. Newman · October 23, 2015 • Digital signage is breaking out of its static, ad-only image and becoming a popular medium for company content. It's inevitable, and it's coming to an office near you.

How This NYC Media Company Used Automation to Inform and Educate Employees
By Jonathan Blackwood · October 22, 2015 • When this NYC media company called on Everglades Technologies to help them outfit its open office space and dozens of conference rooms with AV, Everglades had to pull off some cool automation to make sure the media company could stay in control without things getting too complicated.

Sustainability Should Still Be a Goal When It Comes To Collaboration Technology
By John Greene · October 21, 2015 • While the recent slump in oil prices has created a downturn in buzz about green technology, companies should still keep eco-friendly technology in mind when making purchases. Aside from the social benefits - it's always a great PR pitch when a company can boast about implementing green technology - in the long run green technology is economically viable as well. In the case of collaboration technology, going green can be a helpful solution.

Interview: Keith Yanke Explains the Benefits of Attending NEC Display Solutions’ Partner Showcase
By TechDecisions Staff · October 20, 2015 • TechDecisions sat down with Keith Yanke, Senior Director of Product Marketing for NEC Display Solutions, about what attendees can expect from the show.

How MIT’s Venture Mentoring Service Is Helping Businesses Succeed
By Jonathan Blackwood · October 19, 2015 • Sherwin Greenblatt was an employee of Bose for many years, even becoming the company President, before he began teaching at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. When he arrived at the school he found a number of students and faculty interested in starting their own businesses, but with the STEM focus of the school unable to receive the business education they needed to become successful. To help these students, Sherwin now runs the Venture Mentoring Service, and today the service flourishes.

Meetings Streamlined and Broadcast Thanks to Council Chamber AV Overhaul
By Jonathan Blackwood · October 15, 2015 • When the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority decided to have its council chamber audiovisual system overhauled, there were a number of considerations to take into account. Content sharing through displays, voice amplification through microphones and speakers, and recording of meetings were all pertinent to the missions of the Airport Authority. ITAV Solutions helped the company meet its goal.

3 Ways IT Professionals Can Benefit from Mobile Payments
By Rich McIver · October 14, 2015 • Mobile devices have rapidly changed how IT professionals conduct business on a daily basis.

Dell Acquires EMC Corp. in Record-Setting $67B Deal
By D. Craig MacCormack · October 13, 2015 • Acquisition of Massachusetts-based data storage giant would be largest ever in technology, sets up one-stop shop for large customers.

TD 101 - Explaining Video Distribution Systems to End Users
By George Tucker, CTS · October 12, 2015 • As an end user we don't always understand the intricacies behind the systems that we are procuring. And we don't need to, the reason the integration market exists is for us to be able to install these complex systems without years of training. But it can help to know the basics. We asked George Tucker, CTS, to explain video distribution systems to those that might be purchasing or using them.

Are You Prepared for the Future of AV?
By D. Craig MacCormack · October 9, 2015 • There are lots of ideas about how technology will evolve and change in the next 5 years or so, but it’s important to start thinking about it now.

3 Game-Changing Collaboration and Conferencing Solutions at Polycom’s NYC Event
By Jonathan Blackwood · October 7, 2015 • Polycom’s Workplace of the Future event in NYC showed a sneak-peak preview of their new products, including RealPresence Trio, RealPresence Debut, RealPresence Centro, RealPresence Medialign and RealPresence Concierge. The slew of new products promises to usher offices and meeting spaces into the future through intuitive control and ease of use. We have a roundup of the full capabilities of these new products.

Enterprise Mobility: The Future is Now
By John Greene · October 7, 2015 • Enterprise mobility is here, and as we discover new solutions to old problems, it will prove to be the future of every business entity. Here’s why.

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