Distributing 4K/UHD Signals: What do the Numbers Mean, and Why do They Matter?
By Tim Albright · August 11, 2016 • A look at why 4:4:4 matters in certain 4K video distribution setups, especially commercial applications, and why it doesn’t matter in other situations.

13 Cabling Messes That Will Haunt Your Dream
By TechDecisions Staff · May 10, 2016 • If you don't think wiring can be scary, you've never been in the trenches of a takeover job.

Will Wireless Charging Kill the USB Cord?
By Jonathan Blackwood · December 23, 2015 • Since the Qi charging standard was agreed upon, wireless charging has pushed into the home, car and workplace.

TD 101 - Explaining Video Distribution Systems to End Users
By George Tucker, CTS · October 12, 2015 • As an end user we don't always understand the intricacies behind the systems that we are procuring. And we don't need to, the reason the integration market exists is for us to be able to install these complex systems without years of training. But it can help to know the basics. We asked George Tucker, CTS, to explain video distribution systems to those that might be purchasing or using them.

Video Streaming Provider Exterity to Broadcast 144th Open for Fifth Straight Year
By TD Staff · July 16, 2015 • For the past five years Exterity has streamed video throughout the Old Course at St. Andrews for The Open. Once again the company will provide video streaming services to screens throughout the course, including hospitality areas, media tents and broadcast booths.

Simplifying Inter-Building Fiber Networks With Superior Signal and Serviceability
By TD Staff · March 27, 2015 • Using the latest in “blade-like” fiber optic network connectivity, high-density, flexible subgroup cable, between buildings offers simplified installations, improved optimal signal integrity, and ease of service to support high-bandwidth applications.

Testing the Limits of Long Distance HDMI 2.0
By Jeff Boccaccio · January 21, 2015 • We put a huge emphasis on using cables that function at a high speed, distance and bandwidth. What happens when HDMI is put to the test?

A History of HDMI
By Jim Landis · September 23, 2014 • HDMI cables and their functionality within video distribution systems have come a long way in the past ten years. Jim Landis gives you the evolution of HDMI.

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