Custom vs Off-the-shelf Solutions Debated at InfoComm Connections
By Josh Srago · March 6, 2015 • Industry professional and CI contributor David Danto questions the consultant and integrator model at InfoComm's latest trade event in San Jose.

20 Accounts Tech Decision Makers Should Follow on Twitter
By TD Staff · February 24, 2015 • Many of us get our information through links posted on Twitter. Here are some accounts that technology decision makers should be following.

Prime VoIP Advancements Benefiting Business Networks
By Sheldon Smith · February 17, 2015 • Voice over Internet Protocol has seen serious growth in the past several year. According to Transparency Market Research, that won’t be slowing down any time soon.

Internet of Things: Boom or Bust for Business?
By Seth Robinson · January 9, 2015 • As the amount of ‘connected’ equipment and devices continues to grow, commercial integrators must understand how they can leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) versus more narrowly focused competitors.

First Contactless Fingerprint Credit Card Unveiled
By TD Staff · October 28, 2014 • MasterCard and Zwipe announce the launch of the world's first biometric contactless payment card with integrated fingerprint sensor

Consumeration of IT can Change Customer and Employee Interaction
By TD Staff · October 24, 2014 • IT is becoming a driving force not only in procuring customers, but in keeping top talent as well.

You’ve Gone VoIP. Now What?
By Tom Ostrander, Director of North American Channel Sales of snom · August 26, 2014 • Voice over internet protocol, or using the internet as your phone service, is a solution companies are turning to. But which type of VoIP system do you need for your enterprise?

Five Content Management Solutions For Your Digital Signage System
By Jonathan Blackwood · August 18, 2014 • When installing a digital signage system or video wall in your corporate office, there are many components behind the scenes that make the system work. Tech Decisions gives you five to consider.

Apple and IBM Announce Mobile Business Software Partnership
By TD Staff · July 23, 2014 • Apple and IBM recently announced a partnership to create over 100 business software applications for iOS. The companies hope to expand the reach of both enterprises into the corporate market.

Support Portals Can Help Keep Solutions Running Strong Long After Installation
By Greg Sparrow, RCDD, NTS, ESS, PMP, CTS, Director of Project Management at SIGNET Electronic Systems Inc. · July 11, 2014 • Even after the learning curve has come full circle, problems with systems can arise. Support portals can help keep solutions running remotely.

InfoComm 2014: Winners and Losers
By TD Staff · July 2, 2014 • Chris Neto offers his take on the technologies and companies that improved their standing at InfoComm 2014, and those that had setbacks.

InfoComm 2014: 10 Solutions to Increase Efficiency
By Jonathan Blackwood · June 27, 2014 • InfoComm 2014 featured a number of solutions aimed at making things easier for companies to operate. In the audio, visual, and connectivity fields, Corporate Tech Decisions breaks down ten solutions from InfoComm 2014 that will help you increase your company's efficiency.

InfoComm 2014: TechTalk Tips from the Trenches
By Jonathan Blackwood · June 20, 2014 • Corporate Tech Decisions was in attendance for TechTalk's inaugural event, Tips from the Trenches, at InfoComm 2014. The event kicks off a group that hopes to become a community of technology managers in order to share resources and information.

InfoComm 2014: Unified Communication and Collaboration
By Jonathan Blackwood · June 17, 2014 • Unified communication is a term in flux. It doesn't have a standard definition. Integrators and end users alike are trying to find a way to interconnect technology to provide quicker and more efficient production.

Kramer Electronics Announces Strategic Investment in WOW Vision
By TD Staff · June 13, 2014 • Kramer Electronics acquired 50% of WOW Vision, merging the BYOD, collaboration, and wireless applications of the companies.

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