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14 Professional and Enterprise Grade Productivity and Utility Apps for the Office
By TD Staff · March 20, 2014 • Paper, paper everywhere and not a space to think. Consolidate your workplace with professional corporate apps that get rid of paper trails and streamline business as you know it. There are many different options for corporate apps. From Evernote products to business-wide software suites, which can be accessed with corresponding mobile apps, developers have made it easy for workplaces to access, share and manage content electronically. With corporate apps, developers have taken software consolidation to another level.

Digital Signage and Mobile Wayfinding — 4 Solutions for Corporate Facilities
By Curtis Emery · March 20, 2014 • Digital signage is always evolving and so is wayfinding technology. One of these developments is mobile wayfinding — where mobile integration lets visitors take digital signage with them. Smartphone or tablet, iPhone or Andriod these platforms take digital signage to the next level of communication. We profile four companies that offer mobile wayfinding for digital signage: Four Winds Interactive, 22MILES, Jibestream Interactive Media, and Here2There Software. Check out the videos of how these work.

6 Battery Management Apps for Your Mobile Device
By Curtis Emery · February 7, 2014 • A dead battery is a useless battery, check out this collection of apps that ensure you can predict when your device is running fine and when you need to plug it in. In this collection of battery management apps, the goal is to present a group of apps that will not only let you keep track of how your device is delegating its power, but chose which settings are absolutely necessary and which ones are not to make sure your battery lasts as long as it can without allowing too much precious juice to dissipate in inefficient ways.

UPDATED: 15 Must Have Apps for Cloud Backup and File Access for iOS and Android
By TD Staff · February 6, 2014 • Manage, share and backup your Android or iOS device with these great Cloud backup and access apps. Check out apps from developers like Genie-Soft, Google Inc., Mozy Inc., Genie9, ClockworkMod, AgileSoft Resource, Jungle Disk, LLC and iDar LLC

9 Emergency Preparedness, Alert And Recovery Apps For iOS And Android
By TD Staff · January 14, 2014 • This collection of emergency apps highlights the true capability of technology in the face of nature's toughest scenes. From first aid apps to radar scanners and disaster-specific apps, this collection provides some of the best resources for disaster preparedness and monitoring from trusted emergency organizations. Check out apps from The American Red Cross, FEMA, Base Velocity LLC. and ME911 for your Android or iOS smart device.

8 Audio Modulation and Music Creation Apps for Android and iOS
By TD Staff · December 31, 2013 • Audio modulation apps can be considered the next tier of music creation apps. From programable sequencers to vocoder apps, the world of audio modulation is the base from which effect presets and pre-made loops is built. Having control of sound in a creatively focused way is essential for getting the most out of your mobile device as an instrument. Check out apps from developers like Jonathan Mackenzie, Skrivarna Software, Square B, LLC, Alexander Zolotov, VirSyn, Niko Twenty, Alexandernaut and Holderness Media Inc for Android and iOS.

Smart Mobile: 6 Network Monitoring and Access Apps for Android and iOS
By TD Staff · December 17, 2013 • The best network monitoring and access apps. These iOS and Android mobile apps cover a range of functions: monitoring and testing networks, file access and management throughout a network and Wi-Fi connection and congestion troubleshooting. Bolster your mobile IT toolbelt with these professional and secure network monitoring and access apps for your smart device. Check out apps from developers like Lysesoft, Metago, Kenny Root and Jeffrey Sharkey, Farpoc, Techet and Comcsoft for Android and iOS.

4 Apps for Streaming Your Live Video Content
By TD Staff · August 5, 2013 • Recording a live event is a great way to make sure your audience can stay up to date with your content even if they couldn't make the presentation. Unfortunately, actually viewing an event after it has happened can sometimes be easier said than done, especially for viewers with busy schedules, and watching a pre-recorded event does not carry the same immediacy as if it was seen live. However, app developers have come up with convenient alternatives for save-for-later content with live streaming applications for Android and iOS devices.

27 Music Creation Apps for Android and iOS
By TD Staff · June 28, 2013 • While nothing will actually compare to playing physical instruments or gear, there are some great alternatives developed specifically for on-the-go musicians who need to demo a riff, master some tracks or just have fun with some very high-quality digital synths. If we are talking prices, the best audio apps will run you around fifty dollars (or more), but you can expect professional titles to follow such steep price points. I am talking about Cubasis, Cubase's mobile counterpart, and different Korg analog and digital synth apps that are designed to emulate their predecessors with precision.

7 Must Have Office Apps for Android and iOS Pros
By TD Staff · June 19, 2013 • The value of professional office apps are in their ability to easily gather and store information, ensuring that your most needed hard copy files are readily on hand and safe on your mobile device. Check out apps from developers like Mobile Systems, MeLLmo Inc., STOIK Soft, IntSig Information Co.,Ltd, Tempo AI and Google Inc. for Android and iOS.

9 Pro Acoustical Calculators and Reference Tools for Android and iOS
By TD Staff · June 19, 2013 • Acoustical calculators and reference apps allow your mobile device to become a convenient utility for calculating the physics of your space's acoustics. Check out apps from developers like Sebastian Rivas, Sparkle Solutions, Al Ayyoub, V PUGAZHENTHI, Gabriel Moreno Ibarra and acoustassist Ltd. for Android and iOS devices.

6 Pro Calculators for Wiring and Electrical Readings for Android and iOS
By TD Staff · June 6, 2013 • Electrical calculation apps are essential for an electrical engineer on the go. From voltage drop references to aluminum to copper conversion calculations (and many more), these apps are a convenient, efficient utility and must have addition for your mobile device. Check out apps from developers like Navaile, Cyberprodigy LLC, Comoving Magnets and Southwire Company for Android and iOS.

5 Pro Audio Processing Apps for iOS and Android
By TD Staff · May 23, 2013 • This collection of audio apps highlights the convenience of mobile audio processing. Check out apps for audio mastering, graphic sound analysis, backtrack playback and more. Find apps from developers like iMusicAlbum, Elephantcandy, Gabriel Simões, ShowTools and Gerald Beauregard.

5 Pro Mobile Stompbox and Multi-effect pedal Apps for your Android or iOS Device
By TD Staff · May 23, 2013 • Bring your effect arsenal with you wherever you go with these innovative mobile apps for your Android or iOS device. Checkout powerful mobile effect apps from TC Electronics, 4Pockets.com, IK Muiltimedia, Githara Studios Pty Ltd and Positive Grid LLC that will give you an extra edge on tone control and effect variety.

Audio Measurement Apps Don’t Work Without Pro Microphone and USB Attachments
By TD Staff · May 22, 2013 • Look to your iOS or Android device for precise audio measurements with this collection of USB compatible mics and audio interface preamps. Check out products from manufacturers like MiniDSP, Studio Six Digital, MXL and Dayton Audio.

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