How This Video Wall Technology Is Helping to Save Lives
By TechDecisions Staff · August 17, 2016 • The Bouches-du- Rhône Fire and Rescue Department can now respond to crises quickly and efficiently thanks to its emergency response center's new video wall processing technology from Agelec and Matrox.

Meeting Room Presentations and Barco’s ClickShare
By TechDecisions Staff · August 15, 2016 • Ensuring that presentations go off without a hitch can be a hassle, and Barco has statistics to prove it. Luckily, Barco’s ClickShare can help solve your presentations problems.

Distributing 4K/UHD Signals: What do the Numbers Mean, and Why do They Matter?
By Tim Albright · August 11, 2016 • A look at why 4:4:4 matters in certain 4K video distribution setups, especially commercial applications, and why it doesn’t matter in other situations.

LED Technology Shines at 2016 Miss Florida Pageant
By TechDecisions Staff · August 8, 2016 • Production designer Trenton Dick expands on his previous LED video design with the use of FLEXLite Plus 6.9mm and FLEXCurtain HD 12.5mm LED video technology.

The Future of Displays: 15 Innovations from the InfoComm Show Floor
By TechDecisions Staff · June 29, 2016 • LCD video wall systems, retractable screen technology and never-before-seen LED cabinet designs were just a few of the display solutions at InfoComm 2016 that are leading the way in display technology.

17 Impressive InfoComm 2016 Digital Signage Innovations
By TechDecisions Staff · June 24, 2016 • From digital signage software to video wall controllers, InfoComm presented plenty of new digital signage solutions that were beyond just visually impressive.

30 Innovative Video Products from the InfoComm 2016 Show Floor
By TechDecisions Staff · June 15, 2016 • This year's InfoComm show in Las Vegas didn't disappoint, especially in the video category. From impressive LED video walls and displays to collaboration software and end-to-end IPTV solutions, InfoComm 2016 was packed with video solutions bound to make an impact on the industry.

Christie Brought a Hockey Stadium to InfoComm 2016
By Jonathan Blackwood · June 9, 2016 • The global visual, audio and collaboration solutions company is showing off its products as you would find them in a stadium, complete with an ice rink.

BrightSign Brings Bi-Directionality to Digital Signage at InfoComm 2016
By Jonathan Blackwood · June 6, 2016 • The new BrightSign BrightBeacon technology uses Bluetooth to allow two way interaction between a user’s mobile device and the digital signage display.

Emerging Video Trends That May Surprise You at This Year’s InfoComm
By Tim Albright · June 2, 2016 • Rumor has it that at least three manufacturers will demonstrate a product that utilizes the AVB standard for transporting video on the InfoComm 2016 show floor, and you may find a few audio companies have made moves into video as well.

Forget the Hype: 6 Real Reasons to Choose (or Not Choose) Laser Projection
By TechDecisions Staff · May 23, 2016 • There are quantifiable reasons why laser projection may be right for your next project and equally measurable reasons why it may not. We help you decide when laser projectors are the right fit.

Traditional signage, what have you done for me lately?
By Mike Brandofino · May 20, 2016 • Mike Brandofino, CEO of Visualz, explains how digital signage is evolving and how his Visualz system can help bring your company into the 21st century.

Custom Corporate Lobby Video Wall Wraps Around Column
By TechDecisions Staff · May 20, 2016 • NanoLumens "tech-orates" Delaware North's new corporate headquarters in Buffalo with NanoWrap solution.

Visual Content Effects Software Helps Homer Simpson Go Live
By TechDecisions Staff · May 18, 2016 • Sunday’s episode of “The Simpsons” featured the very first live segment in the show’s decades-long television run.

7 Baseball Teams Show Off Major League Technology for 2016
By D. Craig MacCormack · May 4, 2016 • From iPads in every dugout to new video boards to virtual reality to new speakers, ballparks around the country are unveiling big-league enhancements.

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