Building a Video Surveillance System
Our document explains the considerations you need to keep in mind to create a video surveillance system at your company.
By TechDecisions

We never know what the next situation that occurs in or around our office is going to be. The safety of our employees and the guests that we invite to our building is of the utmost important to any company with their own facility. Regardless of possible legal ramifications, ensuring that our campus and building is safe is a moral obligation that companies don’t take lightly. It’s the right thing to do.

Having said that, not all companies are aware of how to place safety at a premium. Is it best to spend money on better locks and entrance systems to keep unwarranted people out of the building? Is it better to hire full time security guards to police the premises and be available if something should happen? How far should a company go to ensure the safety of its people?

The first step is a video surveillance system. At best, having eyes on your campus and building can alert the company as soon as something suspicious occurs. At worst, it can allow for video of the incident after the fact, so that the proper authorities can find the culprits and bring them to justice. Either way, its good to have crimes on tape, the alternative being hearsay and speculation.

Download our guide to learn the building blocks that go into creating a video surveillance system.

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Our document explains the capabilities and security features that can be managed by a PSIM system.