Why You Should Attend My Sessions at Digital Signage Expo

Jennifer Arani will be presenting with Kim Dwyer on how their two organizations approach digital signage at Digital Signage Expo 2016.

Why You Should Attend My Sessions at Digital Signage Expo

Corporations around the country are starting to implement digital signage as part of their internal communications strategy.  And why not, when we live in a world heavily influenced by Twitter and Instagram. The fact that digital signage is a visual medium feeds right into the trend of employees who want to see their messages instead of reading their messages, which is why digital displays powered by social media can be a highly effective and engaging communication channel for the workplace. 

Companies are increasingly leveraging social media as a new way to reach customers more effectively and to spread the news of their activities more rapidly. 70% of organizations around the world use social media for internal communication, brand promotion and talent recruitment. This is why digital signage communication networks have become important communication channels that support instantaneous messaging in high traffic areas across an organization’s physical space, including lobbies, break rooms and other places employees and visitors frequent.

Author Jennifer Arani will co-present “Corporate Spy for a Day: Learn How Two Organizations Launched & Manage Their Digital Signage Systems,” at Digital Signage Expo 2016 on Thursday, March 17 from 8-9am at the Las Vegas Convention Center. For more information on this or any other educational program offered at DSE 2016 or to learn more about digital signage visit the DSE website.

However, buying a set of screens and attaching a media player does not guarantee a successful communications channel.  Communications teams have to plan, implement, and maintain a constant flow of relevant and engaging material.  Without such careful planning and a senior management commitment to a budget that supports such an effort, the screens go up, run a few messages, grow stale and then go dark.  The trick with creating a successful digital signage system is all about consistency – following through with engaging content. 

Digital signage provides an opportunity to transform an organization’s communication approach by sharing stories of employees and their passions, which means that relevant messaging is often generated by employees for employees, with someone knowledgeable coordinating and filtering messages that reinforce the company-wide culture.

The reason Kim Dwyer and I began collaborating on this session for DSE 2016 was because of our own desire to see real life content examples. We both know how we’re using our systems, but were interested in how others are using their systems. This is a big issue for other end users of corporate digital signage who are always seeking to leverage the most out of such a company-wide investment.

We compared our frustrations with the lack of learning resources, and quickly found we had a list of common needs. In creating this session designed around what we believe are the common needs of our peers, we hope to provide others with not only the theory of good digital signage, but also some tips they can begin applying immediately to their own content.

Those who attend will get more than just the same old case study.  Whether they are considering installing a new system or looking for new ideas for a current system, all attendees will walk away with something useful.  We will touch on the finer points of the benefits of digital signage, essentials for success, as well as examples of actual content. Short of sneaking a peek at the digital signage programs in other organizations, this session is designed to demonstrate the process that has worked for each of us in our organizations.

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