12 Essential iOS and Android Smartphone and Tablet Apps You Must Have Now
12 Essential Business Apps for iPhone and Andriod smartphones and tablets


12 Essential Smartphone and Tablet Apps You Must Have Now It's a baker's dozen — check out what I consider my essential app for this time of the year. It doesn't help my productivity, but it keeps me happy.
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Equip your mobile device with the essential apps that really make your job easier and more efficient. This is a baker's dozen.
By Cindy Davis

Like most people, I have a lot of apps on my iPhone and iPad. I don’t use more than a handful and I move those to the first couple of “pages” for easy access.

I have rounded up twelve (more if you count iOS and Android) apps that I consider essentials for work. There is an app that I consider the best for unit conversion and the absolute best voice recording app I use for recording meetings so I don’t miss anything and an app for those who like to take notes the old fashioned way. In all there are twelve different types of apps that are guaranteed to make your life easier at work. What more could you ask for?

I have also included a hearing test app for those of us that have been in the A/V industry and wondering if standing too close to the speakers has really had an effect on our hearing. It’s no joke!

Who doesn’t like a baker’s dozen? At the end of the slide show, you’ll find the app that I can’t live without this time of the year. It is sure to please all because it works on just about every mobile device: iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows phone 7 and BlackBerry. This one is just for fun.

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12 Essential iOS and Android Smartphone and Tablet Apps You Must Have Now

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Cindy Davis has had a passion for A/V and technology since taking apart her first transistor radio. She found it fun to write macros in DOS while at Lotus, but really loves her countless Apple products. Between 2000 and 2008 Davis was the editor-in-chief of Electronic House magazine. In 2011 she helped bring life to TechDecisions Media as editor-in-chief, and is continuing to contribute to TechDecisions as editor-at-large.

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Posted by Garreth  on  06/04  at  04:44 AM
At bat is one of my favs too. A perfect app for following a baseball season. We at http://www.intellectsoft.co.uk/windows_mobile_application_development.html have tried to create something similar but still this app is great.
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