22 Essential Time Saving Apps to Make Your A/V Life Easier
22 time saving apps

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22 apps that will save you time and effort this summer--all thanks to your smart device.
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There is no app for "relax," but these come close.
By Dave Sniadak

Considering that a majority of A/V techs spend a good portion of their production day setting up and prepping presentations, anything can serve as a major distraction that keeps them from performing their jobs efficiently. Thanks to the integration of mobile apps into the A/V world, techs can now perform the tried and true “Hurry Up and Wait” technique, and still get outside to salvage part of a beautiful day.

While it’s understood that haste can lead to waste when preparing for a big event, we’re not advocating rushing through the important parts of the process required to assure the highest quality production. What we are promoting is that with a few swipes of the finger on your mobile device, A/V techs can maximize the time they’re spending setting up their gear, all while streamlining some of the more laborious parts of their job: production planning, lighting specs, audio checks, cable runs, and signal quality.

We highlight 22 apps that you should consider installing on your smartphone or tablet to help you expedite the time you spend setting up, which can lead to a little extra time spent doing more critical things. There are lots of options when it comes to mobile apps that allow you to tune in your ideal setup. The cost of these apps range from minimal to major investment, so our advice would be to determine just how complex your setups will be and purchase accordingly. TD End Icon Final 14 px

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22 Essential Time Saving Apps to Make Your A/V Life Easier

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Posted by Kyle R  on  06/16  at  05:14 AM
Lol. A/V tech and you only list 1 vision app. How about: Projectionist (good range of projectors and lens preloaded) ImageBro (control Barco ImagePros) StageTimer (keep everyone in the loop with presentation timing) AJA DataCalc (estimate video files sizes) Numerous LED wall calculators and then there's the control interfaces like Yamaha desks. also favourite must have games, and Instant Replay/Soundboard Apps! Really should be titled Audio/Lighting Techs App
Posted by Kyle R  on  06/16  at  06:49 AM
Though it linked me through to http://www.corporatetechdecisions.com/article/25_best_a_v_apps so I'm happier now.
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