4 Apps for Network Control on the Go: What’s on Your Mobile?
Josh Starr

Check out the 4 apps that Josh Starr cannot go without.

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Valuable mobile tools for a professional who values efficient technology.
By Dave Sniadak

When Josh Starr was just 11 years old, he programmed his first BASIC text code. 18 years later, the budding programmer now gets companies to fork over significant chunks of cash to write, develop, and design software and apps he likely never dreamed possible in his prepubescent stage. Much like his developer skills have matured, so has a venture he started with a business partner.

Starr is one of the “stars” of Infinistorm, LLC, the Indianapolis-based technology and software consulting firm, that specializes in software development and infrastructure expansion. As the co-founder and acting Chief Technology Officer, Starr helped create Infinistorm with Alex Baker. Opened in 2007, Starr and Baker specialize in helping clients embrace the benefits of technology, while leveraging the cost savings offered with uniquely designed software that caters to their specifications.

Starr admits to prefer spending his time away from the office refining his photography skills, reading books, and getting lost in sci-fi movies. He was kind enough to put down his iPad to take a few minutes to talk with TechDecisions about the benefits of integrating mobile applications into his business.

TechDecisions: Thanks for pausing your movie, Josh. What’s currently playing on your tablet?

Josh Starr: I just finished a flick called Sunshine, directed by Danny Boyle (of Slumdog Millionaire fame). The earth is in a solar winter because the sun is dying. A team of astronauts are on a spaceship called Icarus II destined for the sun. I highly recommend it - used my iPad to watch it!

TD: Cool. Haven’t seen that yet, sounds worth checking out. Speaking of checking out, you use mobile apps regularly in your line of work. What’s been the biggest benefit for you in going mobile?

JS: Mobile technology provides me with instant visibility of my infrastructure. I’m immediately

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4 Apps for Network Control on the Go: What’s on Your Mobile?

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