5 Apps for the Most Efficient Day: What’s On Your Mobile?
Christopher Gillespie
5 Apps that Christopher Gillespie and the Atlona Team Use for an Efficient Day
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Christopher Gillespie, General Manager of Atlona Commercial shares what he and his team have on their mobile devices.
By Dave Sniadak

This time of year is a busy one for Christopher Gillespie, General Manager of Atlona Commercial. With a full court press in high gear at InfoComm12, as well as a overseeing an entire sales force and manufacturing facilities around the world, Gillespie doesn’t have time for idle chit chat. Factor in the countless hours he spends dealing with vendors, suppliers, and employees around the company’s Sunnyvale, Calif., headquarters, you can only imagine how valuable his down time is with his family.

Part of Atlona’s company mission is to listen to their customers. Established in 2005, this manufacturer of analog and digital connectivity solutions helps deliver cutting-edge solutions for an ever-changing marketplace. When a customer tells Gillespie and his team they need something made to spec, they get to work to ensure the highest quality product is produced quickly and efficiently.

Gillespie shares some of the ways he and his team use mobile technology to squeeze a few extra minutes out of their day.

TechDecisions: How has mobile technology made your business more efficient?

Christopher Gillespie: It hasn’t. There are certainly some great shortcuts to things may have required a lot of paper in the past, but it’s the habits in using the shortcuts - both paper or electronic - that is still key. And most people have bad habits (when it comes to mobile).

TD: You sound like a traditionalist around the office. Will mobile apps every replace good ol’ fashioned on-the-job experience?

CG: It really depends on people coming up with clever ways to use it. Remember, though, I’m not the one in the field installing our products. My perspective is a bit different (versus field installation techs).

TD: But when you are out in the field, you’d found that being able to share information has been helpful for your team back at the home office, right?

CG: Sure. Mobile has allowed us to find info and troubleshoot problems on the spot. Sending a photo or video of the problems our customers are experiencing is far better than trying to provide an inadequate description. And being able to use an app like Skype would be a godsend!

TD: Technology pros are always trying to find ways to be more efficient. What advice would you offer up to someone looking to increase their own efficiency with mobile apps?

CG: Try lots of them.

TD: Is there anything about mobile advancements you don’t like?

CG: You know, I find the obsession with the “newest thing” to be the most annoying. Mobile isn’t new, it’s just more convenient. To be clear, there are some great novel uses for mobile technology, but for me, they’re rare.

In addition to the five apps in the slide show above, Gillespie uses Facebook (Free, Facebook, Inc.) and Google+  (Free, Google, Inc.) for personal updates. TD End Icon Final 14 px

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5 Apps for the Most Efficient Day: What’s On Your Mobile?

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