5 A/V Savvy Apps for Staying Efficient: What’s On Your Mobile?
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"From IT diagnostics to child learning applications, whatever your industry is, you can't afford to miss the the mobile app movement," says Christopher Wirght, A/V innovator and developer of the AV Buddy app. Check out the slide show to see Wright's A/V app recommendations for efficient mobile aids.
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This installation of What's On Your Mobile features Christopher Wright an A/V professional and app developer from Sydney, Australia.
By Dave Sniadak

It’s a pretty safe assumption to call Christopher Wright an innovator. When he’s not busy working his day job as a A/V Specialist for a Sydney, Australia-based audiovisual company, he’s creating ways to make his own professional life easier. His daily duties have him installing A/V systems all across Sydney for clients big and small, ranging from public to private to government sectors. As a way to expedite the installation process, he developed his own mobile app that solves many of the technical problems he’s faced during an average install.

Christopher developed the AV Buddy app and says that while his app development has been a part-time hobby, it’s allowed him to make his own life easier. He’s launched a couple of other apps, and has a new one in development that should be ready in a few months.

Another part-time passion for him is learning the Korean language, and experimenting with new dishes from that region. We asked him to put down his chopsticks and join Tech Decisions for a short interview on mobile technology in the A/V industry. He was happy to serve us up with a delicious discussion.

Tech Decisions: South Korea is one of those places I’d love to visit. You obviously have some connections - what do you like about it?

Christopher Wright: I’ve just started learning the language, as my partner is from South Korea. I’ve visited Seoul several times and find it to be a fascinating part of the world. My diet lately has consisted of a lot of kimchi and Korean BBQ.

TD: Joh-eun soli nyam! (Yum, sounds good!) You’re a lucky man. Let’s talk shop a little bit. From your perspective in Australia, how is mobile technology making the lives of A/V techs easier?

Well, not just in my industry, the mobile market is an ever expanding area with new ideas impacting new ways of communicating every day tasks. With such a vast amount of developers aiming at all ages and experience levels, any company should be investing into mobile.

TD: Couldn’t agree with you more. So, in your opinion, the A/V industry moving towards more mobile influence is a good thing?

CW: I believe it is. Each day, you see the movement towards a mobile world becoming more prominent. Tasks that used to require cumbersome equipment can easily be completed on a mobile device. As technology grows and devices become more powerful, I think the future we’re heading into is a mobile one.

TD: I know here in the United States, there are still folks - not just in the A/V industry - who are hesitant to venture into mobile. What advice would you offer up to them to help sway their opinion?

CW: A great plus is that mobile apps don’t cost that much. Shop around, read forums and ask your colleagues which apps they use. I’ve found the best way to check out a mobile app before buying is to navigate the support web site. In most cases, you’ll find a lot more information is available beyond the app store description.

TD: Pretty good advice.

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5 A/V Savvy Apps for Staying Efficient: What’s On Your Mobile?

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