9 Tablet and Smartphone Video Chat Apps
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9 Video Chat Apps for Android and iOS Mobile Devices
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If you don't have the luxury of employing an enterprise mobile videoconferencing system - join the masses. 9 highly rated mobile Apps do the trick.
By Cindy Davis

If you don’t have the luxury of employing a pricey enterprise mobile videoconferencing system - join the masses. The tradeoff of security and high quality audio and video might be worth the low-to-no price for some companies with these off the App shelf video chat apps for mobile devices.

There are video chat services for all mobile devices from smartphones to tablets, Apple, Android to TMobile specific devices. Many are capable of group video chats, which would give enterprise mobile videoconferencing systems a run for their money — if they were secure, had reliable connection rates and high quality audio and video.

Here are some noteworthy and highly rated competitors to the two most popular videoconferencing mobile applications Skype and Apple’s FaceTime.

Get ready for, “Can you see me now?”

Did I miss one of your favorites? Please share!

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9 Tablet and Smartphone Video Chat Apps

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