A Talk with Jason Kuisel, Digital Signage Expert from Innovative Markets

Digital signage expert Kuisel discusses some of the trends and concerns in the market.

A Talk with Jason Kuisel, Digital Signage Expert from Innovative Markets
Jason Kuisel, managing partner of Innovative Markets.
A Talk with Jason Kuisel, Digital Signage Expert from Innovative Markets
Jason Kuisel, managing partner of Innovative Markets.

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What are the top three digital signage industry trends we need to know about?

1. Engaging people with interactive content: Interactive content replaces the omnipresent push advertising digital signage with an engaging interactive digital signage platform that allows audiences to access information that is important to them.

2. Data Capture: The move to interactive digital signage opens the door to a wealth of information that wasn’t there before. All interactions taking place on the screens can be tracked, just like a website, and later analyzed to help you improve your messages. And why hand out an expensive printed brochure when you can capture an email address and contact information, and go green by emailing the material directly from the digital signage platform?

3. Integration of Mobile Tablet Devices (iPad, Xoom, & Galaxy) into digital signage application hybrid digital sign by Four Winds Interactive: The tablet PC and cloud computing world have arrived, and tablets have already found their way into interactive digital signage applications. From a hardware perspective, they’re insanely cost effective, and installation takes no work at all, just a desk-mount or wall mount frame near a power outlet.

Are there any digital signage money-saving tips you can recommend?

If you want to do interactive digital signage on a budget, customers should take a look at integrating tablet devices into their marketing mix. Xoom, iPad, and Galaxy tablets are affordable and make great single-person digital signage information stations when integrated with a device like the TabStand from Innovative Markets.

Tabstand from Innovative Markets

Fig. 1 — TabStand from Innovative Markets

Another great way to save money is on content development. You can utilize existing content assets that have already been developed for Web and print. By taking a more streamlined design approach, you can avoid developing similar applications over and over.

Think about deploying freestanding digital signage displays. Whether they’re in your lobby, your office, or next to your pulpit, freestanding displays provide a lot of value compared to their wall-mounted or fixed display cousins. Up to 33 percent of your costs in digital signage can be in installation. A freestanding device can be easily rolled into place and secured, saving substantial time & money.  It can also easily be moved and repurposed based on your needs. This is the opposite of cutting into walls. Once you do that, you have a fixed investment that isn’t going anywhere.

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