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AMX Releases the DXLink Multi-Format Transmitter for Enova
The transmitter offers analog and digital A/V compatibility that sends signals over one paired cable.
By Curtis Emery

AMX announces the availability of the new DXLink Multi-Format Transmitter, developed for the Enova DGX Digital Media Switchers and Enova DVX All-in-One Presentation Switchers. The DXLink Multi-Format Transmitter is designed to accommodate both analog and digital signals with options for multiple input sources featuring one twisted pair cable output. The transmitter is compatible with HDMI, as well as analog A/V, control, Ethernet and power. It boasts up to 100 meters of signal distance.

The DXLink Multi-Format Transmitter offers a bridge between traditional analog A/V and network-centric IP based A/V with its capability to send both analog and digital signals. The transmitters uses a 2x1 switcher design that designates one analog input and one digital input, which allows users to toggle between analog and digital sources remotely post-installation.

Working along side the Enova DGX Digital Media Switcher and the Enova DVX All-in-One Presentation Switchers, the DXLink Multi-Format Transmitter can send signals to both A/V switchers through a single twisted pair cable. Because the DXLink is designed to also transmit power, the transmitter runs absent of a separate power supply after being hooked up to either the Enova DGX or DVX.

The DXLink Multi-Format Switcher is available in both module and wallplate designs. Also, the transmitter can be mounted with all V Style options including rack, surface mount or pole. TD End Icon Final 14 px

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