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AMX Releases Video of a Live Trial at AVI-SPL of Its Enova DGX Digital Media Switcher
AMX Enova DGX media switcher is tested at AVI-SPL
AMX video demonstrates the plug and play nature of the Enova DGX.
By Lisa Nadile

The video shows an AVI-SPL technician with no familiarity with the Enova DGX32 powering up, connecting and distributing scaled HDMI/HDCP content. The technician completed the test in less than 60 seconds.

The equipment used was a Dell Laptop, Sony Blu-ray player and AMX Inspired XPress Digital Signage player. The displays used were of mixed resolutions to demonstrate how the AMX SmartScale technology automatically scales video to each display’s optimum resolution and eliminates HDCP delays.

According to the company, the Enova DGX is designed for pushing high-resolution images to remote locations throughout a facility and for conducting videoconferences that require high-resolution image support. TD End Icon Final 14 px


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Lisa Nadile - Managing Editor
Lisa Nadile is Managing Editor for TechDecisions. She has been a technology journalist for over twenty years and has never lost her love of technology and the way it changes (and improves) our lives. She has written for many magazines and websites on the development of computers and the Internet, and is enjoying her new mission in the audiovisual sector.

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