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AMX Releases Vision² Streaming Video System with Next-Gen Innovations
AMX Vision2 IPTV
New features of IPTV live and on-demand streaming solution include simplified control and delivery of live streams to remote locations.
By TechDecisions

AMX announced today the immediate availability of its advanced Vision² IPTV system (version 7.2). The video solution includes several new capabilities that enable companies and universities to develop or upgrade video communications initiatives.

IP video has become a core communication tool, but for casual users, operating recording and management software can be complex. The new release of Vision² features a control API that allows digital video to be integrated into an AMX control system for user-friendly management with capabilities such as one-touch recording and archiving. In addition, addressing the increased use of mobile devices, AMX has added a new user interface that allows Vision² content to be viewed on-the-go.

The new MPEG Reflector Appliance function gives organizations the ability to deliver live streaming video to multiple remote locations using a single stream per location. With this capability, organizations can provide video access to satellite campuses without overwhelming their corporate Internet connections due to high-bandwidth video.

Additional features include customizable layouts that give organizations the ability to create menus and guides — with custom brands, logos and colors — for Vision² compatible set-top boxes. On top of the new features, Vision² includes tools that streamline the user experience, like adding metadata to recorded content to aid in searching for videos.

To learn more about Vision² from AMX contact your AMX dealer or go to www.amx.com.

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