Barix Introduces Exstreamer 205 for IP Audio

The new device includes a built-in amp and local input for multi-room distribution applications.

Barix Introduces Exstreamer 205 for IP Audio

Adding a little background music doesn’t require a live band or boombox in every location. Barix makes distributing audio a lot easier and more efficient, thanks to its Exstreamer IP line.

The company’s latest for the line is the Exstreamer 205 IP device for multipoint networks. Just hook the Exstreamer 205 box to a network connection, a power outlet and speakers in each room or location. According to the company, minimal wiring is needed.

The end result can broadcast radio stations, announcements or background music to as many locations as you have connected. No separate amps are needed because each 205 box has a built-in 2x25-watt power-efficient class-D amplifier. This minimizes the equipment needed in each location, bringing down the setup and maintenance costs.

Barix also says that the 205 is the first Exstreamer IP device to add a local, line-level stereo input. This allows the option to add an in-zone audio source for local playout. In other words, you can add in an iPod, a digital signage system, or another option to a single location, without streaming it throughout the network.

Other Exstreamer 205 features include a MicroSD card slot, priority ports for connecting into a master paging system, and support for formats such as MP3, AACplusV2, WMA, PCM, G.711 and EtherSound.

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