Buy One Integrated Control & Automation System, Get a Helpdesk as a Bonus
Casey Foulds
Casey Foulds
Instructional Operations Systems Administrator, Texas Women's University
IT support and Helpdesk collaboration saves money and time as more A/V technology is integrated into the classroom environment.
By Joy Zaccaria

The answers from the helpdesk that get a college class back up and running and the automatic monitoring of a facility’s collection of A/V and IT gear go hand-in-hand. With a control and automation system in place, the replacement of a projector lamp, or other maintenance issue, is anticipated and resolved without an instructor or corporate presenter realizing it was almost time for a new one. While at the same time, the reassurance of knowing there is a knowledgeable tech on the other end of the instant message session or session initiation protocol (SIP) call goes a long way for an instructor pressing every button and the projector still doesn’t turn on.

Turn on the HelpDesk

Making a helpdesk functional is a matter of linking components that are already in place on a network. The requirement for an A/V integrator is to have a working knowledge of how to make that happen. “At the minimum there is the ability for the helpdesk tech to see what the problem is through the control system from a remote location,” says Rod Andrewson, manager of Engineering at CCS Presentation Systems, based in Scottsdale, AZ. For most clients in the corporate or higher education space, the backbone has already been installed to provide audio, SIP and video support. “We just have to know how to manage it and how to set up the

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