Crestron Ups Energy Management on Lighting with DALI Ballasts

The latest addition to the company's lighting solutions has an optional built-in power-metering feature.

Crestron Ups Energy Management on Lighting with DALI Ballasts

Crestron is adding a little something to its lighting lineup—and it could save you a ton of money. The company says that its new DALI Ballasts are now available.

Crestron Green Light DALI Ballasts (GLB-DALI) are the latest in the company’s line of lighting control solutions, and they are pretty flexible. In fact, GLB-DALI works with designers, engineers and building owners in building and lighting design, in new construction and in retrofits. Crestron is even encouraging manufacturers to add a little GLB-DALI into fixtures.

A huge perk is that Crestron DALI ballasts have an optional built-in power metering. This feature allows users to track real-time energy usage of each load, and gets statistics to help manage and control utility costs via integrated Fusion EM Energy Management Software.

“The ability to measure, monitor, and manage power to each light fixture, while enabling daylight harvesting and load shedding, makes it easy to implement a fully-integrated system that combines architectural lighting control and energy management all on one platform,” says Mike Malone, Crestron’s VP of commercial lighting controls.

According to Crestron, DALI ballasts can drive multiple lamp wattages in one unit. The end result is lighting design that’s easier and less expensive to implement. Ballasts can support between one and three lamps, as well as dimming for a wide range of linear fluorescent lamps.

Operable between 120 and 277 Volts (universal voltage), 12 different models are available for a variety of lamp types. Crestron also says that up to 64 ballasts can be daisy-chained on a single DALI channel, with up to 128 DALI ballasts controllable via one Crestron DIN-DALI-2 Two Channel DALI Interface.

Designed to be more efficient than standard fluorescent or electronic fluorescent ballasts, GLB-DALI ballasts feature End-of-Life Protection, are short and open circuit-proof, and automatically shutdown in case of lamp failure. GLB-DALI ballasts are also UL listed, CE, and RoHS compliant, and include a 5-year warranty.

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