Design Your Own Rack with Chief’s Online RackBuilder App

The new program promises rack systems preloaded to a users' specifications.

Design Your Own Rack with Chief’s Online RackBuilder App

A rack probably isn’t the most exciting piece in the tech puzzle, but it’s certainly one of the most important. After all, how would things look (and perform) if you propped everything up on the floor?

To inject a bit of excitement into the rack selection process, Chief has introduced RackBuilder Delivered, a program that can configure and deliver a Chief rack system preloaded to your specifications.

Just go online and personalize your rack using the online RackBuilder app. A few of the features include drag-and-drop editing, the ability to save and email configurations, a third-party components compatibility database, access to MSRP pricing, and much more.

“Built-in notifications alert users if an accessory or third-party component won’t work in the chosen rack, or if they run out of U-spaces during the building process,” said Rob Zurn, Chief’s lead product manager. “The application then allows users to easily go back to the previous step, swap out thier selections and keep building. Based on customer feedback during development, this type of logic and flexibility is essential and we’re excited to introduce it.”

Once you place the order, Chief will preload and repackage your rack right in the warehouse. The end result doesn’t just customize the rack experience, but can actually reduce installation time and packaging.

“The RackBuilder Delivered program is well thought out,” said Lou Dollenger, VP of sales engineering for Nelson White Systems, Inc. “It certainly makes it easier than having to hunt through different boxes, take the parts out of the packaging, throw out the packaging, find the rack screws and then, finally, mount the parts.”

Chief’s RackBuilder Delivered app is now available to all Chief customers, free of charge.

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