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Extron Announces HD Extender Plus VGA and Audio Line Driver
New line driver manages audio and video signals over long distance cable runs.
By Curtis Emery

The new Extender Plus VGA and Audio Line Driver with EDID Minder from Extron Electronics is a one input, one buffered output line driver that extends VGA-QXGA and HDTV component video, along with audio, up to 250 feet. The new line driver converts unbalanced computer stereo audio to balanced audio, eliminating the extra noise associated with unbalanced stereo output. The Extender Plus also features EDID Minder, which manages communication between connected devices ensuring reliable content display.

With video amplification and peaking control options, the Extender Plus is able to transport signals over longer distances. The line driver also offers EDID capture mode, selectable refresh rates and resolution and LED indicators for real-time status updates and system monitoring.

The Extender Plus VGA and Audio Line Driver is available in Decora-style and AAP form factors. TD End Icon Final 14 px

Posted by Fred  on  07/20  at  10:58 AM
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