Game Changers at InfoComm 2013

Christopher Neto, CTS, talks about what he feels will be the intriguing technologies at the show.

Game Changers at InfoComm 2013
Whether the star of the show is Microsoft Lync, near-field communications, or Google Glass, Christopher Neto, CTS, will be looking for it.
Game Changers at InfoComm 2013
Whether the star of the show is Microsoft Lync, near-field communications, or Google Glass, Christopher Neto, CTS, will be looking for it.

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As June approaches so does the buzz about this year’s InfoComm Show. Every year A/V Professionals flock to the InfoComm event in search of the latest and greatest in A/V Technology products. Not ones to disappoint, many of today’s top manufacturers will debut some great new products at the show that will surely please many A/V professionals. As an attendee the anticipation of what products will debut is intoxicating. In the weeks prior to the show many of us daydream of that “perfect” product that will come and save the day. It’s the A/V version of Christmas sugar plums dancing in our heads, but in reality many professionals are just hoping for improvements and new features to many of the products we currently use. 

Many of us deal in A/V reality on a daily basis, but after the designs are done and the systems are approved many of us love to talk “shop.” One topic that comes into conversation quite often is the “what’s next” topic. Maybe it’s in our “BIOS” to wonder what may be coming down the digital highway. Is there a new technology out there that can “make some noise” in our industry? So let’s speculate. What’s out there? What’s next? Will it buzz at InfoComm this year? Or will we have to wait?

One product that I feel confident about making an impact in our industry is the Microsoft Lync Room System. This product is available today with working demos being scheduled as I write. The Lync Room System (LRS) is Microsoft’s answer to a Lync-based videoconferencing experience that goes beyond laptops and mobile devices. Currently many companies use Microsoft Lync as a means of collaboration. This is done today using Lync software on laptops and mobile devices. The Lync room system now takes the Lync client and integrates it into conference room setting. In other words its prime objective is to be used by a group of people instead of a single user sitting at a PC.

The use of an external camera, large multiple displays and integrated microphones can be expected in order to bring Lync into a conference room setting. Does this mean that integrators bring back the “dreaded” dedicated room PC or will this software live on everyone’s laptop and require some end user configuration prior to meeting? Giving every employee the ability to have a personal video collaboration tool on their PC that can work seamlessly into an existing IT infrastructure is a no brainer. This is not a novel idea. Throw

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