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Infocomm 2012 – The Wrap

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InfoComm12 is over and Christopher Neto shares his insight on the new products of 2012 from beyond the show floor. Check out the slide show to see his final wrap of this year's InfoComm.
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Christopher Neto, CTS, leaves Las Vegas with these thoughts.
By Christopher Neto

Infocomm 2012 has been everything I could have expected and more. Overall I felt that the show was a success for me personally.  I was able to accomplish many of my goals which I set out to accomplish which included visiting exhibitors and “kicking the tires” of some of the latest A/V tech. What I didn’t expect was the how massive the show floor really was. On the second day of the show I literally discovered a whole new area of the show that I had not visited.  Everywhere I turned the show floor extended in all directions. The size of the convention center did not hit me until that day when I discovered the other hall. Regardless of the size, or that I was constantly on the move, I was determined to press forward and continue my technology expedition.

On the final day of the show I spent most of my time running between meeting rooms located in a Land Far Far Away, or so it seemed, and on the show floor. I personally enjoyed my time on the show floor on Friday. The mad crowd rush from previous days had calmed down. I was able to visit exhibitors that had previously been overrun with people looking for answers and swag. I ended my InfoComm 2012 show with an appearance on the A/V Nation podcast and then it was off to dinner with some fellow online contributors who also enjoyed the show. 

Here is my final product wrap up of the event…TD End Icon Final 14 px

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Infocomm 2012 – The Wrap

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