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John Vitale
John Vitale
AVI-SPL’s vice president of Products
An interview with John Vitale, vice president of Products for AVI-SPL.
By Lisa Nadile

John Vitale, AVI-SPL’s vice president of Products recently took some time to answer our questions about his plans for InfoComm. Not surprisingly, what he is looking for at the show is far from obvious and proves most intriguing.

Lisa Nadile: At InfoComm, what products are going to interest you? What are you going to be looking at as you walk around the show floor?

John Vitale: I don’t like to look at the run of the mill stuff. I like to look for the innovative, new things that are coming down the road. Where the InfoComm community that exhibits at the show — what are they doing to stay at par with what the IT industry is doing? We have a lot of mobile noise going on, digital signage, and media and consumption and bring-your-own-device—they’re all buzzwords, but I try to look at what exactly are these vendors doing to accommodate that.

[BYOD] is a very hot topic for me, especially since [AVI-SPL] is so deeply entrenched in managed services and providing services to enterprises. And one of the biggest challenges is always, how does the enterprise talk to the rest of the world? How do they have people walking around with smartphones and iPads and working from home and working from a hotel room or sitting in an airport?How do you connect those folks with live communications?

I’m also looking for, in the traditional A/V space, how people are handling the larger number of devices that need to connect in a conference room or in a meeting for sharing content. One of those things obviously is how do you take an iPad, walk into a conference room and share that content effectively. Apple does it very well with AirPlay, but they don’t offer AirPlay for video. So how do you take the video or the content off of there and what kind of devices are people offering to make it a cost effective way that when you have ten people walk in with their iPads all ten people can share that content? That’s something that is not very effective from the A/V industry today, so I’m looking for where these guys are going to address these challenges.

We can address it today, but it just becomes a lot of expensive boxes and a lot of cabling and there are definitely better ways of doing it.

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