iPad Control Drives AudioBox Update

PreSonus 1.2 offers iPad support for its various AudioBox interfaces.

iPad Control Drives AudioBox Update

PreSonus has announced that it is shipping AudioBox 1.2, a free update that is designed to significantly enhance the performance and versatility of its AudioBox 1818VSL interface and also provides a number of new features for the AudioBox USB, AudioBox 22VSL and AudioBox 44VSL audio/MIDI interfaces.

Among the upgrades is the addition of support for the AB1818VSL Remote for iPad. With this free app, users can control virtually every parameter in Virtual StudioLive for AudioBox 1818VSL from an iPad, including volume, pan, aux sends, FX buses, and Fat Channel parameters.

As a result, users can use an AudioBox 1818VSL and USB-connected laptop as a full-featured mixer/recorder for small gigs, rehearsal spaces, and mobile churches, with the iPad serving as a touchscreen mixing surface. This means that in the studio, users can monitor mixes from their iPads while dedicating their computer screens to a DAW.

A firmware update rescales the preamp tapers on the AudioBox 1818VSL to add more headroom; Virtual StudioLive for 1818VSL now sends all channels to outputs 7/8 (headphones) by default.
With the AudioBox 1.2 update, all AudioBox-series interfaces become compatible with USB 3.0-a rarity among audio interfaces.

This update also provides enhancements for specific AudioBox-series models: The AudioBox USB gains a new, optimized Windows driver for improved performance and a new Windows control panel to adjust buffer size and sample rate. The meters in Virtual StudioLive for all AudioBox VSL-series interfaces have been recalibrated to match the RMS meters in PreSonus’ Studio One DAW.
All AudioBox VSL-series interfaces have been integrated into Studio One Cue Mix, providing volume and pan control over monitor mixes with the same near-zero latency that Virtual StudioLive software provides.

This free update is recommended for all AudioBox-series users. AudioBox 1.2 can be downloaded from the Technical Support section of the PreSonus Web site. The AB1818VSL Remote is a free download from the Apple App Store. For more information, please see www.presonus.com.

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