JBL Debuts CSA-2120 Power Amplifier
JBL's CSA-2120 amplifier weighs only 2.9 pounds.
As part of the CS Commercial Solutions Series, this new convection-cooled amplifier can meet high-quality audio needs of several applications.
By TechDecisions

At PLASA 2011, Harman‘s JBL brand unveiled a new amplifier as part of its CS Commercial Solutions Series lineup.

In London, JBL rolled out its CSA-2120 power amplifier, which provides front-end amplification and a switch mode universal power supply.

JBL says the CSA-2120 power amplifier provides accurate, uncolored sound with low distortion. Featuring an auto-standby mode, the solution saves energy by disabling the amplifier pulse width modulation generator when there is no input signal. Other CSA-2120 features include a power rating of 4 ohms/8ohms at 120 watts, a weight of less than 3 pounds, plus thermal and low-voltage auto protection.

The company says the amplifier is suited for audio and voice applications in a variety of applications.

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