Massive AV Tech Integration at Hilton Anatole’s Media Grill + Bar
Dallas Hilton

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27 plasma screens, a 103-inch flat screen, an interactive dance floor system, 44 speakers, 11 subwoofers divided into six zones, and that’s not all.
By Cindy Davis

With more than 1,606 guest rooms and suites and approximately 346,275 square feet of meeting space, it is little wonder that the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Texas, has seen its share of American presidents and celebrities. So it should come as no surprise that the already chic hotel, in anticipation of several big sporting events, decided that a $125 million remodel was in order in 2010. Wanting to enhance the technology experience of their guests, the Hilton’s management team enlisted the help of Las Vegas-based integration firm R2W to complete several projects on the property, including a newly constructed Media Grill + Bar.

“This project is unique because we have many displays here,” said R2W CEO and President, Jeremy McConnico. “In a commercial property, you have to be specific about the video solution that you put in there because the customer is very skeptical and their expatiations are very high. They are sitting at home watching their 1080p sets. When they go to a commercial bar and grill or stadium, they want to see the same 1080p video signal.”

To achieve these stadium-inspired results, R2W selected a Crestron DigitalMedia to handle HD video switching throughout the bar and grill—part of a renovation in the hotel’s Atrium II area—along with two 16x16 DigitalMedia switchers to feed more than 30 displays. The high-energy eatery also features free WiFi, an interactive bar, 27 HD plasma screens, including a 103-inch commercial flat screen and an interactive dance floor system.

To manage the venue’s audio, video, volume and power, the R2W team integrated a Crestron control processor, configured with presets to give the hotel’s staff ease of control and adjustments to the system’s features based on the time of day or type of event. Arriving guests are treated to an LED monitor that highlights menu items based on promotions and specials, while seated guests can enjoy sporting events from one of several HD video

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Massive AV Tech Integration at Hilton Anatole’s Media Grill + Bar

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Cindy Davis has had a passion for A/V and technology since taking apart her first transistor radio. She found it fun to write macros in DOS while at Lotus, but really loves her countless Apple products. Between 2000 and 2008 Davis was the editor-in-chief of Electronic House magazine. In 2011 she helped bring life to TechDecisions Media as editor-in-chief, and is continuing to contribute to TechDecisions as editor-at-large.

Posted by Winston Suen  on  04/27  at  07:14 AM
Would you shed lights on AV system application of Hilton Anatole's Media Grill+ Bar as follows:- 1.Why plasma TV is preferred to full LED LCD TV? 2.In view of no. of sub-woofers installed,how could the room acoustics & avoidance of unwanted over-flow/cross-over of sound( or noise)across different zones, be ensured? 3.How does the interactive floor system work? Is the floor screen basically a touch-screen? Thanks.
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