MIDAS Starts Shipping 8-Channel XL48 Preamplifier
The new product packs eight MIDAS XL4 mic preamplifiers into a 1U box.
By TechDecisions

Need a little more mic power? MIDAS is making that happen with its newly launched XL48 preamplifier.

According to MIDAS, this hot little item packs eight MIDAS XL4 mic preamplifiers into a 1U box. The end result delivers that classic MIDAS mic preamp sound for almost any application.

The XL48 includes swept high and low pass filters, eight MIDAS XL8 96 kHz 24-bit A-D converters and a super-low-jitter 1ppm clock. Also notable are the 8-segment LED input meters, individual phantom power, polarity invert, and -20dB pad.

Other features include D-sub connectivity, Neutrik XLR inputs, and analog and digital outputs in ADAT and AES/EBU format. MIDAS says that all five outputs can be used simultaneously, which means that the XL48 can be used as a multi-function analog/digital mic splitter as well as adding the MIDAS touch to eight channels of a mix.

MIDAS says that multiple clocking options are also available. The company is shipping the XL48 eight-channel preamplifier now.

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