Top 25 Tech Toys on the TechDecisions Editors Wish List
TechDecisions Editors Holiday Wish List

32 Things on the TD Editors Wish List

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From an iPad to a 3D printer to a personal satellite dish and killer home theater, your edit team compiled their most wanted electronics products.
By Cindy Davis

Given that the TechDecisions editors and contributing writers cover AV/IT for you throughout the year we get to see some pretty cool technology that we covet for ourselves. Some of us have been in the A/V and IT industries for many years and have been coveting certain technologies for a long time.

So we decided to put together our wish list of electronics and/or technologies we’d like to own. To keep it fun, the size, price and practicality are no object. But really some of these items are well within the reach of many and would fit nicely under my tree! Who would have thought I would be able to purchase a 3D printer for my home.

And then there are the big dreamers — Lisa Nadile wanting her own telepresence system, Frederick Ample has big home theater ambitions, Bruce Amaro wants to launch a his own dish, Chrissy Winske brings it closer to Earth with a helicopter for her digital camera, our Earth boy (a.k.a App Man) Curtis Emery is into recycling this year and is coveting his neighbor’s vintage synth (analog of course). 

Check out over 25 coveted tech toys on our holiday wish list. I have a feeling that this list will be growing over the next few weeks.

Let us know what you have on your list for this year. Whether it is for you personally or for your organization.

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Top 25 Tech Toys on the TechDecisions Editors Wish List

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Posted by Nick  on  11/24  at  01:22 PM
I knew I shouldn't have read this list, I pretty much want everything on it. My number one choice would have to be the telepresence system... it'll only take a good 20 years to save up for it if I'm lucky!
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