Scala Announces Digital Signage Checklist for Evaluating Your Corporate Strategy

Choosing your digital signage and creating your management plan is a daunting prospect. At some point you’re going to ask, “What am I forgetting?” Here’s a tool to help you remember

Scala Announces Digital Signage Checklist for Evaluating Your Corporate Strategy

At the 2012 Digital Signage Expo, Scala Inc. is releasing an extensive checklist that outlines how to make the best digital signage choice for you. The release is a thorough evaluation of the elements one should consider when putting together a digital signage strategy.

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According to Clive Fort, director of Product Management at Scala, the checklist is designed to get the thought process going. The list’s steps can be distilled into two primary areas, infrastructure and content strategy.

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There are two areas to look for with infrastructure, he says. “[You] need the ability to scale [your] network of playback devices and also be able to support different device types. These device types could be from large format multi-screen displays to photo frames, from high-end PC’s to media devices, as well as interactive kiosks all managed from a centrally based management system,” Fort says.

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As needs grow, you will require management software to monitor what’s going on. “Scala provides a robust, battle-hardened software platform that meets these needs both in a Software as a Service (SaaS) environment as well as classic enterprise deployments,” he says.

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The second primary area the list covers is the content strategy, which, Fort says, can be looked at as a way to “feed the beast.”

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“We believe this is really what makes the difference in the success of a digital signage solution. Delivering the content strategy can range from automation and integration of data feeds, point of sale (POS) systems or RSS News feeds, to using predictive analytics to help digest historical performance data and make recommendations for content changes which ultimately can be automated,” he says.

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The Digital Signage Checklist includes the following:

Easy to Start with a Pilot. Digital signage pilot deployments are essential for learning. Conduct a pilot with the goal to determine how best to bring your viewers along with an experience that will excite them. The only limits to your system should be your imagination.

Simple to Use Out of the Box or Infinitely Customizable. One way your digital signage software can help you get started quickly is to have out of the box capabilities that address 95 percent or more of your needs. But at the same time, not require sacrificing the ability to customize your digital signage so you deliver the exact user experience you want.

Intuitive Templates, Web-based Interface. Look for digital signage software that includes content creation tools and easy-to-use templates – delivered in a way that balances sophisticated capabilities and simplicity from any standard web browser.

Software as a Service (SaaS).
Look for a digital signage system that includes a SaaS option, which will allow you to access your content management system via the Internet. This

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