Simple Best Practices for Digital Signage
Best Practices in Digital Signage
Implementing a couple of these tips from the experts can save you time and bring success to your digital signage plan.
By Daniel P. Dern

Clive Fort, director of Product Management, Scala

  • Always check to see what’s working, in terms of getting the intended message to the audience. Don’t be disappointed if something doesn’t work from a content point of view. Check the measuring data often.
  • The most successful [environments] we’ve seen are where the users feel part of the channel. [Like where you are] getting comments and feedback from the users regarding what they’d like to see on their channel.

Sean Matthews, president of Visix

  • Saturation is a big one. You have to have enough displays in your facility to deliver the message. If you spend all your money in the lobby, [then] that has no impact in the break room, elevator banks or other places where people converge.
  • Don’t mount displays so high they are out of easy sight. If you pull the message too high off the floor, people won’t look at them.
  • Put displays at hallway intersections. People typically look in front of them as they turn.
  • For content refresh, we recommend no more than seven items in a content zone, letting no item play for more than seven seconds, and the entire layout needs to change three times a day — morning, noon, night. If the overall look stays the same, people tend to tune it out.

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Posted by Scott Allen  on  04/26  at  01:45 PM
Grabbing the visual attention both with the physical positioning of the digital display and with the content that's displayed are key. Optimal physical positioning of displays so that they draw maximum visual attention can be easily overlooked (no pun intended). In addition to the initial placement I wonder how many companies consider the use of carefully placed attention gathering visual guides that focus users attention on the digital display. The placement of displays and the implementation of visual guides is best performed in tandem with tools that provide insight into the elements of a scene that draw visual attention. If you're interested in this type of technology check us out at Scott Allen Co-founder
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