Single-display Solutions Simplifies Videoconferencing and Patient Care
Single-Display Solutions for Simple Video Conferencing
With a new patient care model, this practice is seeing improvements to treatment thanks to videoconferencing.
By Leslie O'Neill

Josh Goldman, executive vice president of My Weight Doctor, has seen first-hand how videoconferencing can transform a business. His medical practice, which focuses on healthy weight loss and age management, began using videoconferencing internally. Their five locations are spread across Maryland and Virginia, and they decided to try videoconferencing for their regular staff meetings instead of commuting. But after he and his staff of physicians saw how useful it was internally, Josh began to consider how he could use videoconferencing to grow their practice and increase My Weight Doctor’s revenues.

My Weight Doctor has LifeSize Express 200 and 220 single-screen room systems installed in the conference rooms and exam rooms at each of location.

“[Videoconferencing] blossomed into an idea that allows us to be more efficient. We didn’t have patients in mind, but it occurred to us as we used [the videoconferencing system] over time,” explains Goldman.

“It’s let us be nimble from a corporate perspective. We can widen our offering for our patients both on a convenience level and an expertise level,” he continues, adding that patients can go to whichever location is closest and consult with any of My Weight Doctor’s physicians from any other location. “It’s also let us be more flexible in staffing.”

In fact, My Weight Doctor figured in the videoconferencing system when they decided to open their new clinic in Baltimore, Maryland. Goldman said that their telemedicine practice has become so specific to My Weight Doctor’s business model, it was integrated into the clinic from its opening.

“It’s so efficient, we didn’t have to hire new doctors when we opened up the Baltimore location,” says Goldman. Instead, patients work with staff in Baltimore to videoconference with physicians working from other clinics.

Best Practices

To find the right system, Goldman describes a rigorous testing period. He says, “We determined that LifeSize gave us the functionality we wanted, [including] integrating seamlessly with our ShoreTel phones. Also, the quality of the video

Posted by rDon  on  06/05  at  08:22 AM
Why Lifesize rather than one of the other HD codecs (Polycom, Tandberg, etc.)? How much time does the IT staff have to devote to managing VC meetings and assisting users? Our users usually require assistance on average one in every two or three meetings.
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