TechDecisions Guide To 20 Column Loudspeakers

The column or vertical steered array type loudspeaker is one of the best choices for many large venue applications.

TechDecisions Guide To 20 Column Loudspeakers
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After the TechDecision Guide to Line Array Speakers appeared, numerous people commented (including Fred Ampel, the author of this roundup) that that type of device was often the least appropriate choice for use in larger venues where multi-level, often quite deep seating arrangements make coverage become problematic at long distances from the array. Line array devotees have their own and respected opinions.

Thus, here is a listing of one of the best choices (according to Fred) for many large venue applications — the column or vertical steered array type loudspeaker. These architecturally concealable, compact devices can provide extremely even coverage from a small footprint, and in larger spaces can be set in delayed rings or sectors to smoothly cover the entire audience without taking up very much real-estate or requiring large amounts of power. 

The list is alphabetical. Please note that every company listed makes numerous models, technology variations and styles within this product category. This list is intended as a guide to the possibilities and not a comprehensive listing of every available product. In each case, we’ve done our best to provide you with the specs available.

However, I have a feeling you might have an opinion on our choices — so bring it on. Fred warned me I needed to sport a Kevlar vest for this one. Be nice! Leave your comments below and feel free to email me as well with what you think we might have missed — and why.

Watch for speaker roundups (of various shapes, sizes and applications) coming from Fred in the near future. 

Cindy Davis,
[email protected]

Just who is Fred? Frederick J. Ampel, is the President and Principal of Technology Visions Analytics consulting in Overland Park Kansas. Ampel’s work in the pro A/V industry for over 40 years includes live sound reinforcement, broadcast audio production, audio systems design and installation, systems integration, hardware design and development, market assessment and analysis, small room acoustics and system integration. He was the founding Editor of Sound & Video Contractor.

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