TechDecisions Guide to Business Projectors
TechDecision Guide to Business and Classroom Video Projectors including BenQ, Panasonic, projectiondesign,


TechDecision Guide to 13 Business and Classroom Video Projectors
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5 buying tips and product round up of projectors for conference rooms and classrooms
By Dave Sniadak

Know what makes great business leaders great? Their ability to motivate the masses. A lot of business leaders are given platforms with which to deliver key messages throughout the year, such as during the annual shareholder meeting, at a new product launch or perhaps as a keynote speaker at a trade show or fundraising dinner. Each occasion offers a new opportunity to share their insights to an information-hungry group.

Seldom do the great business leaders fly blindly into a speaking engagement without some form of a presentation. Slides, images, statistics and videos, the best presenters always give supplemental content to their audience that complements their words of wisdom. And while most business leaders seldom have a hand in what projector they use during their presentation, you better believe they want to make sure that their content looks good.

If you have an opportunity to impress a crowd — whether it’s 10 or 10,000 people — ensuring that your projector lives up to the task is crucial to your success. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind as you, or your company, explores which projector is right for your situation.

Image is Everything
From lumens to contrast ratio, your projector can really help you look the part you’re trying to play. The brighter your projector’s lamp, coupled with the higher contract ratio you have, the sharper and clearer your presentation images will be.  Most business projects have an ANSI

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TechDecisions Guide to Business Projectors

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