How to Stop or Block Calls and Texts to Android, iOS, Z 10 and Windows 8 Smartphones with Apps
How to Stop and Block Unwanted Calls and Text Messages

How to Stop and Block Unwanted Calls

I have compiled the six most highly rated
apps for Android.
If you are an iOS user, there's a tip and a link to my inside guy on how to jailbreak your iPhone.
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Android users rejoice - there are apps to block unwanted phone calls and text messages. For all others, well, we need to talk.
By Cindy Davis

I have been in “no robo-call heaven” for many years with my cell phone number. I don’t give out my cell number when I make purchases. When I fill out a form that requires a number, I invariably give my home phone number. My home phone number has been relegated to the world of robo calls and holds the same esteem as my AOL email address — worthless. I give it out when I must, but knowing full well that it is going to get spammed. The landline, “Do Not Call List” stopped working a long time ago. Other than my mother-in-law who still calls into my home phone, friends, family and business calls come into my mobile. I look at my “home phone” as a throwaway on my “Triple Play,” Verizon bill.

Pause. I must have slipped-up in my M.O. — I have been getting a lot of spam calls and text messages lately.

I had some time last weekend and assumed there must be a ton of apps for blocking unwanted phone calls and text messages. Well yes, but not exactly for me and my iPhone — yet. This function will be available with iOS 7 in the fall. Yeah, thanks. If I wanted to jailbreak my iPhone 5, I could download an app to block those unwanted numbers delivering phone calls and text. Call me a wuss — but I don’t.

I grew increasingly incredulous as I searched for an iOS 6 app — I came across the many apps that are available for Android. And in my continued attempt to be an equal opportunity content resource I searched Blackberry World for Z10 apps and Windows Phone Apps store for Windows Phone 8. No-go in the search within the app stores for either of these devices so I checked out the Crackberry and Windows Phone Central forums.

Forum folks are great and always trying to provide a solution. There was a lot of advice in both places suggesting you add the spam numbers to your contacts list and then set the ringtone to be silent. Then ignore the call when it comes in. E-gads is all I have to say to that. I have enough problems with my contact list. But thanks for the tip. I think I’d rather jailbreak my phone. No Apple, I am kidding — I will wait until the fall. Since I have to wait, I would like the gesture answering feature while you’re at it.

As for free versus paid: Often times the only benefit you get is that the app is “ad-free.”  The ads don’t bother me on my QR code app because the length of time I am seeing the actual app is brief since the idea is to launch a Web page. However when there is an app that I use often, I find it worth up to $5.00 to not see ads. But with many apps that offer a paid version in which there are added features, those features are more often than not, the ones that add the greatest benefit — so I pay for it. However, some of the call blocking apps have a free versus a monthly paid option. That’s a whole different ball of apps.  I will note the different versions.

Android users seem to be having all the fun and reaping the benefits of the cool features these days and I am jealous. iOS is fading as the Apple of my eye.

If you are an Android user, continue to the slide show for options. I have combed the sites for the 6 most highly rated call blocking apps by the most amount of users. You’ll want to check out the different features because all of these do much more than just block calls.

For iOS, Z10 and WP 8 users — you’ll need a Get Out of Jail — for a price card. If you are into jail-breaking, I have a link to a reliable source at the end.

A special note about our slide shows: We only show additional slides to provide more information about the apps. Often times the visual image can be a determining factor in deciding if this is a product you want to pursue. We believe it also helps when comparing apps. Our TD web guy, Brillon has done some optimization magic to speed up the experience. TD End Icon Final 14 px

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How to Stop or Block Calls and Texts to Android, iOS, Z 10 and Windows 8 Smartphones with Apps

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