Tips on Lighting and Lighting Control
Ryan Heining
Ryan Heining
Co-founder and CEO of MSpace Inc.
Ryan Heining, CEO of MSpace Inc. tackles TechDecision's questions.
By Lisa Nadile

What should you consider when you want to implement a centralized lighting control system across multiple building? What are some benefits of implementing a campus-wide lighting control system? If a facility could implement lighting control and automation in just a few rooms, which rooms would benefit the most and why? These questions and more are addressed by leading integrator Ryan Heining, CEO of MSpace Inc., which is based in Minnesota.

Heining discusses LEED concerns, and the notion of creating impact on your visitors as well and energy efficiency. Most importantly, he discusses how to use lighting to help your employees become more productive. To learn more, read the article Lighting Control in the Boardroom and Beyond. TD End Icon Final 14 px

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