Top 5 Apps for Charitable Giving
5 top apps for charitable giving and donations

5 Top Apps for Charitable Giving and Donating Your Time

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Download some apps to make charitable giving easier this year. It'll make you feel great.
By Cindy Davis

It is no secret that this is the toughest time of year for families and charitable organizations needing some extra help.

Given that so many of us are very used to making purchases on iTunes and Google Play to pay for apps via our mobile devices making a charitable donation should be a no brainer. You don’t need an envelop or stamp — just the tap of a finger.

To help you out, I have rounded up some apps to help you get started. Don’t forget not all charity costs money. If it is true that, “time is money,” then why not give some of your time and save money. There are some apps that help you find the best place for you to chip in some of your time. You’ll feel even more connected to your cause.

So go ahead, download a couple. It might make you feel good. I promise to do the same.

In this spirit of giving this year — when my family asked me for my “Christmas Wish List” this year, I asked if they would make a donation in my name to Rosie’s Place, a shelter for women in Boston. They don’t have an app but it is a very worthy cause. TD End Icon Final 14 px

Happy holidays,

Cindy Davis
Editor in Chief

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Top 5 Apps for Charitable Giving

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