Best of 2012: U.S. Green Building Council — Leading by Example
Eric Laignel

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A Platinum LEED in every way. Here's what a beautifully integrated building should look like. Not only does this building integrate audio, video, lighting and employ daylight harvesting -- the overall interior design of the building is inspiring. So we thought we'd put together a big slide show for you. Photography by Eric Laignel
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Whether you operate a church, corporate office, school or hotel - here's an inspiring example of integrated A/V, lighting and Platinum LEED construction.
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displays and four ceiling-mounted speakers on each side. A Crestron TPMC-8X wireless touchpanel controls the room’s system when it is in combined mode, while the keypads enable system control and source selection when the room is divided. These rooms also have the ability to share A/V sources with the large conference room, lobby and café.

Two TPMC-8Xs are also housed at either ends of the large conference room, where two 65-inch LCD displays, a 6000-lumen ceiling-mounted projector and a 161-inch diagonal motorized projection screen are installed. In combined mode, the projection system is the designated display, leaving the flatpanels to be powered up manually from one of the touchpanels, which also controls the twelve ceiling-mounted speakers distributed throughout the room.

On the second floor, the small conference room has a single 52-inch LCD display with integrated speakers and a 12-button keypad, while the game room and café are similarly outfitted with the addition of an HDMI connection that enables the use of video gaming consoles. 

In the lobby area, digital signage is achieved with 52-inch LCD displays with integrated speakers, while 12 ceiling-mounted speakers between this space and the café are configured into two separate zones, controlled by a wired six-inch TPS-3000 touchpanel at the receptionist’s desk. TD End Icon Final 14 px

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Best of 2012: U.S. Green Building Council — Leading by Example

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