7 Awesome Church Audio Systems
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When Great Commission Baptist Church in Fort Worth built its new home, it wanted a sound system that would do justice to its music ministries that serve the congregation in its new 2,300-seat sanctuary. The main system employs three Renkus-Heinz ST7 three-way loudspeakers in a traditional LCR configuration, with PN121 90-degree downfills, plus five more ST7 delay loudspeakers towards the back. Carrying the low end are eight Bag End End D18 INFRA subwoofers also mounted overhead. “I enjoy the performance of the Bag End subwoofers, especially at the low to moderate volumes you often need in a church,” says CSD’s Doug Hood of Sound Designs, Inc. “Their processor creates the sensation of intense bass without overwhelming the space.” Bag End’s unique INFRA Integrator processor both acts as crossover and extends the LF response of the sealed enclosures to provide flat response to 8 Hz from a relatively small enclosure. The D18E-AD has a depth of 15 inches, enabling it to fit into tight spaces. At Great Commission the loudspeakers had to be flown within bulkheads they shared with the main loudspeakers. The Bag End INFRA subs, Renkus-Heinz TRX 81 front fills and TRX15 wedges are all powered by QSC CX-series amplifiers, and processing for the Renkus-Heinz loudspeakers is provided by a BSS London BLUE-80.

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7 Awesome Church Audio Systems