Going Paperless — Why Is This The Future?
By Warren Glick · March 3, 2015 • Though many businesses are still heavily reliant on paper, all signs point to hard-copy, contingent-operational models soon becoming extinct. Here’s why.

Riverside 911 Call Center Upgrades Connectivity and Controllability
By TD Staff · March 2, 2015 • Already heavily outfitted with audiovisual equipment, the Riverside 911 Call Center recently upgraded their connectivity and controllability to help with response time.

A Glimpse Into the Future of the Security Industry
By Paul Boucherle · February 27, 2015 • What does the survival rate look like in the next 10 years for a systems integrator/dealer? SSI Business Fitness Columnist Paul Boucherle answers.

Match Game: What Collaboration Tech Do I Need in Which Space?
By Jonathan Blackwood · February 26, 2015 • Collaboration is becoming easier than ever with videoconferencing, screen sharing, content capture and more. But different spaces require different levels of technology to collaborate with. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the right tech.

4K and Beyond: What’s in Store for Digital Signage Expo 2015?
By Chelsea Cafiero · February 25, 2015 • Producer of Digital Signage Expo (DSE) 2015 gives CI a teaser of what you'll find at the March 10-12 event in Las Vegas.

20 Accounts Tech Decision Makers Should Follow on Twitter
By TD Staff · February 24, 2015 • Many of us get our information through links posted on Twitter. Here are some accounts that technology decision makers should be following.

CBRE Installs Captivating New Presentation & Collaboration System
By Jonathan Blackwood · February 23, 2015 • When CBRE decided to switch to a new workplace initiative, encouraging collaboration through open-office environments without assigned seating, they needed tech to match. Enter the Mezzanine.

Big Data, Internet of Things, and Better AV Solutions
By John Greene, VP of Sales and Marketing at Advanced AV · February 20, 2015 • As huge stacks of data continue to pile up for many companies, those companies will need to find ways to utilize that data. Internet of Things will continue to add to that data and the way we work will change because of it.

5 Technologies for Capturing Notes in Meetings
By TD Staff · February 19, 2015 • Capturing the notes that are taken during meetings has long been a hassle for companies. TechDecisions has compiles a list of five technologies that can help.

How to Entice New Generation of Employees with Video Communication
By Daniel L. Newman · February 18, 2015 • Younger employees, especially millennials, prefer flexibility to a bigger paycheck. How can you take advantage of this shift in employee motivation?

Prime VoIP Advancements Benefiting Business Networks
By Sheldon Smith · February 17, 2015 • Voice over Internet Protocol has seen serious growth in the past several year. According to Transparency Market Research, that won’t be slowing down any time soon.

First Trip to Integrated Systems Europe: A Rookie’s Perspective
By Jonathan Blackwood · February 16, 2015 • Integrated Systems Europe at the Amsterdam RAI is an incredible show featuring commercial and residential tech. But you need to go in with a game plan to get the most out of the show.

6 Booths That Captured Our Attention at ISE 2015
By Jonathan Blackwood · February 13, 2015 • It’s not easy to make attendees stop and stare at Integrated Systems Europe. With so many booths, companies need to do everything they can to stand out. These booths did just that.

9 Video Conferencing and Collaboration Technologies at ISE 2015
By Jonathan Blackwood · February 12, 2015 • Integrated Systems Europe is the largest AV and integration conference in Europe. Here are 9 video conferencing and collaboration technologies that stood out.

9 Video and Display Technologies at ISE 2015
By Jonathan Blackwood · February 11, 2015 • Integrated Systems Europe is the largest AV and integration conference in Europe. Here are 9 Video and Display Technologies that stood out.

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