Breaking Down the Cloud for Small Business Consumption
By Dan Newman · August 5, 2015 • Many businesses have already begun to utilize the cloud to much success. Small businesses especially can reap great benefits from utilizing the cloud. Unfortunately, people still have a lot of confusion about how to properly implement the cloud into their practices. It’s in every company’s best interest to gain a full understanding of how the cloud can help.

Epson BrightLink Pro Offers Cost-Effective Collaboration
By TechDecisions Staff · August 4, 2015 • The projector maker offers collaboration for meeting rooms and classrooms as a lower price than headline-grabbing alternatives.

Commercial Integrator to Host Free Projector Webinar This Week
By TechDecisions Staff · August 3, 2015 • Commercial Integrator will host a webinar called “Matching the Right Projector and Format for Your Project” this week and invites all to attend.

What is the Internet of Things?
By Jonathan Blackwood · August 3, 2015 • The Internet of Things has been a buzz word in almost every industry across the spectrum for some years now. The overall sentiment is that we are going to connect everything with everything and gather data on all of the things around the world. This does little to alleviate confusion about what IoT actually is. Read on to find out more about what the IoT will look like and how it will affect our lives and our businesses.

Technical Innovations Technology Open House August 4-6
By TechDecisions Staff · July 31, 2015 • Technical Innovation is a design/build systems integrator specializing in unified communication technologies, presentation and visualization environments and broadcast solutions. They’re holding an open house in Houston from August 4-6 to showcase some of the technologies that they install.

The Internet of Things Visualized
By TechDecisions Staff · July 31, 2015 • The Internet of Things (IoT) is a subject that has been discussed often, and many of those discussions have been laden with confusion about what IoT actually is. Luckily, Information is Beautiful has created an interactive chart that gives a lot of information about what IoT is and could be.

Showcasing Your Data and Information in Your Work Environment
By Danielle Cerrachio · July 30, 2015 • Danielle Cerrachio will be presenting at CorpComm Expo 2015. She will lead a presentation entitled 'Transform Your Workspace Environmental Media Installations.' She will teach attendees even more about how to display content over digital signage.

Commercial Integrator 49 BEST Products of 2015
By Jonathan Blackwood · July 29, 2015 • The Commercial Integrator BEST Awards program highlights the most outstanding new products, solutions and services that could impact the commercial integration industry in 2015. As technology decision makers it's important to educate ourselves about the products that integrators are excited about.

Audio Solution Brings Content and Sound to Pennsylvania Bank
By TD Staff · July 27, 2015 • When Univest Bank expanded to a new branch in Newtown, Pennsylvania, the called on an electrical contractor and AV Integrator to provide sound. An Ashly Audio system no provides background music and sound from content to the branch.

Microsoft Partners with AV Integrators to Deploy Surface Hub
By Tom LeBlanc · July 24, 2015 • AVI-SPL, Whitlock and Red Thread among integrators selected to distribute Microsoft’s aggressive Surface Hub collaboration solution rollout which will spur spirited dialog at InfoComm 2015.

Executive Briefing Centers and the Mezzanine Match
By TechDecisions Staff · July 23, 2015 • Oblong’s Mezzanine is a valuable addition to your executive briefing center. Here’s why.

Technologies for a Millennial Friendly Workspace
By Jonathan Blackwood · July 23, 2015 • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, millennials have overtaken the majority representation of the workforce in 2015. If companies want to retain and attract this millennial workforce, they need to cater to the types of trends and technologies that millennials are looking for in their work. We speak about different technologies that go hand-in-hand with the statistics of what millennials are looking for.

Dual Microphones Pick Up Sound in 1300 Square Foot FIBA Conferencing Room
By TD Staff · July 22, 2015 • Casaplex has worked with Earthworks microphones in the past. When the Florida International Banking Association hired the integration firm to outfit its conferencing room with video conferencing capabilities, they wished for a minimal amount of aesthetically pleasing microphones to accompany the system. Casaplex installed two Earthworks microphones along with a number of other technologies to meet the company’s wishes.

Video Wall Helps Sell Space in Millennium Tower Boston
By Jonathan Blackwood · July 20, 2015 • The Millennium Tower in Boston is a gargantuan project that will literally change the famous city skyline. As construction is underway, sales staff at the Millennium Sales Center utilize a Prysm video wall to show artist renderings, floor plans, and content to prospective residents.

Video Streaming Provider Exterity to Broadcast 144th Open for Fifth Straight Year
By TD Staff · July 16, 2015 • For the past five years Exterity has streamed video throughout the Old Course at St. Andrews for The Open. Once again the company will provide video streaming services to screens throughout the course, including hospitality areas, media tents and broadcast booths.

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