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Sharp Introduces New Series of LED Backlit Displays
Sharp has announced a new line of professional LED backlit displays. Some options are available later this month with a full release in December 2013.

Special Report - The AV & IT Convergence
Download this special report on "The AV/IT Convergence" and hear from CIOs, CTOs, A/V Directors, IT Directors, Facility Managers, Consultants, Specifiers, District Administrators, Pastors and anyone needing to make the important A/V, IT, energy and security integration decisions for their facilities who have shared their thoughts. While from varied backgrounds and facility types, the technologies they integrate, the pain points, trials, tribulations and successes have a common thread. Plus: A/V Over IP, AVB and 4K.

Adding Twitter to Your Business Emergency Notification Plan
Twitter is a flexible micro-blogging site that provide the platform for quick communication. Tweets can be sent as SMS texts to a phone, so you don’t have to be connected to the Internet. Many organizations use more than one Twitter feed to ensure that readers find the information they needs. For example, one Twitter feed can be for emergency communication, while another feed can be for those looking for answers to questions or for non-emergency announcements.

Unified Communications Products Continue to Gain Popularity
Unified Communications is gaining momentum as users look to it to streamline the way people work together. Relying on IP technologies, the versatility of UC means everyone can, from one platform, shape the way communication happens, be it phone, chat, email, or videoconference.

ICE Cable Systems Releases New Bulk Wire and Cable Box
ICE Cable Systems are now shipping its new Big Mouth Payout (BMP) bulk wire and cable box. The box features a proprietary cable-wind, a payout hole and reinforced box design. The 4-in payout hole and cable-wind pattern eliminates common problems like kinking, knotting, recoil and tangling, according to the company in a prepared statement. The box is designed to allow for a one-man wire pull from various angles.

Take Charge of Latency in Your Audio
Audio engineers are often bedeviled by latency in the recording and reproduction chains. The latency demon pops up in live sound reinforcement when you’re trying to support a dispersed audience, discombobulates us in the broadcast world when lip movements don’t align and confuses us when we try to make a decent mobile phone call.

Barco to Unveil New Projector Ranges During 10 Days of Corporate AV
Barco presents "10 Days of Corporate AV," a platform from which the company will introduce their new visualization portfolio for corporate A/V. Over the next 10 days (starting today and ending Sept. 27), Barco will continue to spotlight the new players in the projection line.

MindBending AV: 7 Extreme Interactive Installations
Interactive technology can serve a variety of purposes and can be created using a variety of different approaches. One of the more practical applications of the interactive model is found in multi-touch, both infrared and touch screens, but any approach to documenting changes in an environment can bring about an interactive response. Cameras for example can be used to bridge an environment and a piece of technology. One of the best examples of cameras at work in an interactive installation is Microsoft's Kinect camera--a camera used by developers to create immersive virtual spaces and for robotics.

Screen Innovations’ Black Diamond Motorized Screen is Now Available in More Sizes
Screen Innovations (SI) has announced that they will be exhibiting the newly updated Black Diamond Motorized screen at this year’s CEDIA Expo 2013. The Black Diamond Motorized screen is now available in a diagonal design up to 138 in. and can be configured with either a 16:9 or 2.35:1 aspect ratio with a flush or external mount.

Most Impressive A/V Photos of Summer
Summer is easing into autumn and with that journey we take a look at the hottest A/V projects we saw. Blue Man Group, GE's massive video wall and the latest from the innovative Leon speakers are just some of the best efforts we saw.

NEC Announces New V Series Projectors for Small Meeting Rooms
NEC has announced two new projectors: the V311X (XGA) and the V311W (WXGA) for classrooms and small meeting rooms. Both offer 3100 lumens and power saving options.

FiberPlex Fiber-optic Converter Takes AVB A/V Streaming Past 100 Meters
An impromptu “plugfest” earlier this month at AV integrator AVDB Group’s Las Vegas labs has brought about a new development for platforms using IEEE AVB protocols for A/V streaming. Using a FiberPlex converter box, the integration firm has overcome the limitation of sending a signal over 100 meters of cable.

Corporate Venue Users Get Choices for Audio, Video and Lighting
Users can hold talks and make presentations in the Long Beach Convention Center. They can either hire their own integrator or use in-house A/V/L.

InFocus Announces the Release of Two New Short-throw Projectors
InFocus, a manufacturer of interactive touch screen devices and digital display technology, has released two new ultra-short-throw projectors. The projectors, the IN134UST and IN136UST, are designed with an ultra-short-throw lens, for projection when installed only inches from the wall.

Guide - How to Create Warping Effects with Projectors
Download this free Guide - How to Create Warping Effects with Projectors. Many projectors are now equipped with built-in software and digital signal processing that can create very complex warp and other image processing effects.

Whether it be for presentations, collaborations, or videoconferencing purposes, audio and video play a huge part in our daily meetings. Our Partner Resource explains how to fix problems with and improve your audiovisual system.