Conference Center Sees Massive Audiovisual Installation
By Jonathan Blackwood · July 6, 2015 • When The Advisory Board Company build the space for their new conference center, they needed videoconferencing, presentation, and control capabilities. They called on long-time partners Avitecture to install the AV needed for this state-of-the-art space.

Technological and Spatial Considerations for Corporate Huddle Spaces
By TD Staff · July 2, 2015 • If you work in an enterprise, you understand how essential collaboration among teams and across offices can be to company success. And you know that video communication systems have played a valuable role in bringing us together. While the traditional conference room with video conferencing is ideal for bringing large groups together, advances in technology have influenced and changed how we prefer to work.

Security Sales and Integration Most Valuable Products List
By Jonathan Blackwood · July 1, 2015 • Security Sales & Integration is proud to introduce the Most Valuable Products (MVP) Awards to the industry. The program honors those products and technologies critical to the success of security integration companies.

7 Video Conferencing Considerations for Your Enterprise’s System
By Jonathan Blackwood · July 1, 2015 • Videoconferencing is a practice that is quickly becoming a necessity for many enterprises. Tech Decisions gives you seven factors to consider when incorporating a videoconferencing solution for your company.

Is Unreliable Telecommunications Infrastructure Hurting Your Brand?
By Sheldon Smith · June 30, 2015 • Every aspect of each interaction adds up to the total impression your customers have of your brand. Even facets that people don’t usually consider part of brand identity can have a big impact. Take your telecommunications system, for example.

TechTalk Holds Second Annual Tips from the Trenches
By Jonathan Blackwood · June 29, 2015 • TechTalk is an end user community for technology managers to gather, discuss, and learn. The group hopes to empower technology managers by bringing them together and providing them with relevant information in a safe environment. They held their second annual Tips from the Trenches event at InfoComm 2015 in Orlando, and Corporate TechDecisions was once again in attendance.

Often Overlooked, Under Appreciated InfoComm Standards and Innovations Plenary
By Josh Srago · June 26, 2015 • A missing priority for most InfoComm 2015 attendees is to try to sit in a room with the folks who discuss and create the industry’s standards.

Bringing Mobile Devices Into Emergency Management
By TD Staff · June 25, 2015 • Emergency management situations are some of the most important aspects of a technology decision maker's job. Ensuring that the correct technology is integrated in your office to warn employees and guests that there is an emergency can literally help save lives. Many don't realize, however, that mobile devices can be tied into our emergency management plans. From notification to instruction, mobile devices can display information that can speed up the response process. Download our document to learn more.

9 Technologies Tech Decisions Makers Should Know About From InfoComm 2015
By Jonathan Blackwood · June 25, 2015 • InfoComm is one of the largest professional AV trade shows in the world, and because of that a lot of new and impressive technologies are introduced and showcased at the show. While a large portion are system components largely of interest to integrators, there are always plenty of products that tech decision makers should know about. Here is our list.

Apple Watch May Not Directly Influence AV, But Impact Will Be Felt
By Daniel L. Newman · June 24, 2015 • Will Apple Watch follow in iPad's footsteps and become a new vessel for automation and control?

Power Conditioning System Solves Corporate Power Issue
By TD Staff · June 23, 2015 • Mysterious display issues at AVAD highlight an opportunity to increase energy intelligence. Due to their power problems, AVAD reached out to ESP/SurgeX to utilize their enVision system. Before long their energy issues had been solved.

News Roundup: The Info You Need from InfoComm 2015 Part II
By Jonathan Blackwood · June 22, 2015 • InfoComm, the largest event for professional AV in the world, has plenty of announcements. Here is a breakdown of what you might have missed.

Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America manufactures and markets a complete line of display products including projectors, data wall display systems, LCD digital signage monitors and players, large-screen 3D DLP® televisions and the world’s first laser TV, LaserVue®. Other products include industrial printers, photo kiosks and digital photo printers, time lapse security recorders and DVRs.

AMX hardware and software solutions simplify the implementation, maintenance, and use of technology to create effective environments. With the increasing number of technologies and operating platforms at work and home, AMX solves the complexity of managing this technology with reliable, consistent and scalable systems. Our award-winning products span control and automation, system-wide switching and audio/video signal distribution, digital signage. . .

Christie Digital
Christie Digital is a global visual, audio and collaboration solutions company offering diverse solutions for business, entertainment and industry. Christie leads the film-to-digital conversion, putting pixels everywhere with Christie MicroTiles® and digital displays, and brings massive landmarks to life with projection mapping. Plus, they are on the leading edge of new and exciting solutions: immersive audio, advancing seamless presentation and. . .

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