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Adding Twitter to Your Business Emergency Notification Plan
Twitter is a flexible micro-blogging site that provide the platform for quick communication. Tweets can be sent as SMS texts to a phone, so you don’t have to be connected to the Internet. Many organizations use more than one Twitter feed to ensure that readers find the information they needs. For example, one Twitter feed can be for emergency communication, while another feed can be for those looking for answers to questions or for non-emergency announcements.

The Age of Unified Communications Arrives
Mobile workers, remote offices, lower prices, competitive world encourage sales of UC solutions.

Unified Communications Products Continue to Gain Popularity
Unified Communications is gaining momentum as users look to it to streamline the way people work together. Relying on IP technologies, the versatility of UC means everyone can, from one platform, shape the way communication happens, be it phone, chat, email, or videoconference.

Think A/V Solutions, Not Just Products for Corporate AV/IT Convergence
Steve Greenblatt of Control Concepts discusses how to deliver important A/V services in the atmosphere of AV/IT.

Take Charge of Latency in Your Audio
Audio engineers are often bedeviled by latency in the recording and reproduction chains. The latency demon pops up in live sound reinforcement when you’re trying to support a dispersed audience, discombobulates us in the broadcast world when lip movements don’t align and confuses us when we try to make a decent mobile phone call.

Corporate Venue Users Get Choices for Audio, Video and Lighting
Users can hold talks and make presentations in the Long Beach Convention Center. They can either hire their own integrator or use in-house A/V/L.

Managed Services for Videoconferencing: How Leveraging Outside AV and IT Experts Help Internal Corporate AV/IT Focus on the Conversation
AVI-SPL has two managing services products, Video Network Operations Center (VNOC) and the Symphony Management Platform, which is designed to work with clients and make sure their needs are met quickly or prevent problems that could appear.

Unified Communications Company Avaya Relies on the Test Drive to Make the Sale
Avaya relies on its newly acquired Radvision systems to interest potential customers in videoconferencing. The unified communications company showcases the technologies’ capabilities on an international scale and demonstrates its functionality with the help of a Crestron control system and its control app.

Creating a Videoconferencing Culture with Your Corporate Staff
Creating a videoconferencing culture starts with your employees and how they might use it. If the tools are beneficial and the training is adequate, you may see a communication revolution.

Projection Trends II: Creating Warping for Your Presentations
Image geometry correction is the latest technology incorporated into projectors to create the warping of the image. Using either graphics processing or signal processing, the latest technology can correct many imaging woes.

Trailblazer UC Davis Builds a Practice that Defines Telemedicine
University of California at Davis’ Dr. Thomas Nesbitt explains how to best prepare your staff for telemedicine. He also describes UC Davis’ long history and provides lessons learned.

Projection Trends: Edge-Blending Enhances Large Presentations
Now multiple projectors with high lumens allow you to choose a massive screen and project complex large-sized images. The latest techniques and technologies from Christie, Barco and DPI all make such projections simple.

USAV Members Look At Future Trends
Leaders in the A/V industry met recently to discuss what is hot, what issues they are facing and how best solve their customer's worries.

When Seconds Count, Does Your Emergency Communications System Measure Up?
Emergency notification, or mass notification, has many options, but integrating your warning "systems" and networking them is the latest solution. Another is to use a hosted solution, in which you place much of your system off-site.

How to Properly Test, Troubleshoot HDBaseT Systems

How do you solve the issue of noise in the open-space work environment? Add more noise.