Integrators Identify 10 Critical Cybersecurity Challenges
By TD Staff · May 26, 2015 • Be sure your physical security systems integrator addresses these network security issues.

Circle Technology: The Origin of a New, Wireless, Disconnected Presentation Technology
By Jonathan Blackwood · May 25, 2015 • Steve Hix is a seasoned veteran of the technology industry, venture capitalism, and the United States armed forces. With several companies, multiple patents, and over twenty years of Naval Intelligence under his belt, Hix knows a thing or two about creating a good product. Circle Technology is his most recent.

Cutting The Cord: Outfitting Employees For Mobility
By Daniel L. Newman · May 22, 2015 • A growing number of companies are using mobility to boost their agility, productivity, and job satisfaction. You must empower your employees for successful mobile usage.

Beware and Barricade Cyber Barbarians at the Gate
By Paul Boucherle · May 22, 2015 • For security integrators and customers who don’t think cybersecurity’s their business, think again.

6 Considerations to Purchasing an Interactive Projector
By Jonathan Blackwood · May 21, 2015 • An interactive projector can add an entirely new dynamic to your presentations and team sessions. Whether in a boardroom, conference room, or huddle space, an interactive projector spurs collaboration and efficiency. Read on to learn about some considerations you should think about before purchasing an interactive projector.

Social Media’s Impact on PSIM, Mass Notification
By Bob Stockwell · May 20, 2015 • Physical security information management (PSIM) and facial recognition technology will soon rely on social media to help improve safety and security.

Prysm Releases Synthesis 2.0 Software for Cascade Collaboration Systems
By Jonathan Blackwood · May 19, 2015 • The Synthesis software is what makes the Cascade system a collaborative juggernaut. For organization, the software allows for an unlimited amount of users to create different projects, and save chapter within those projects. As for working on the wall, the Synthesis software allows for intuitive ease-of-use.

Conference Center Sees Future-Proof AV Upgrade
By TD Staff · May 18, 2015 • When the Clarence Brown Conference Center decided to upgrade their AV system, they called on AGT to use Crestron technology and increase their collaborative abilities.

Polycom Targets Huddle Room Collaboration by Expanding RealPresence Group Series
By TD Staff · May 15, 2015 • Polycom RealPresence Group Convene and RealPresence Group 310 aim to provide enterprise-quality collaboration to small rooms.

Supporting a Millennial Workforce with Touch Technology
By Jonathan Priestley · May 14, 2015 • The Millennial workforce is slowly taking over, and studies suggest that by 2025 Millennials will comprise a majority of the workforce. However, Millennials have a very different view of what the workplace should look like than their predecessors. Growing up with technology, it stands to reason that millennials expect and seek out technology in the workplace. Gaining the best Millennial talent means installing necessary technology, including touch screen capabilities.

Budgets, Buy-in Hot Topics at 2015 Diebold Security Symposium
By Jason Knott · May 13, 2015 • Diebold hosts 75 end users to discuss cybersecurity, cloud surveillance and inter-departmental communication.

Government Agencies Reluctant to Incorporate BYOD
By TD Staff · May 12, 2015 • Bring your own device (BYOD) policies have been utilized more and more often in the private sector. Government agencies, however, have been more reluctant to incorporate such practices. They state that security is a large concern. What does this mean for the corporate tech decision maker?

Local Bank Completes Secure and Quick Extension of LAN/WAN
By TD Staff · May 11, 2015 • With the help of On-Line Communications, Fluidmesh, D+H, and Business Solutions Enterprises, Metuchen Savings Bank in New Jersey was able to upgrade from their outdated laser system in order to extend LAN/WAN between the branch and two administration buildings.

How to Use the “Value on Investment” Formula to Determine a Technology’s ROI
By Bill McIntosh · May 8, 2015 • Synergy Media Group CEO Bill McIntosh demonstrates how the "value on investment" formula can better determine the ROI of a technology.

There’s More To Fast Transactions Than Mobile Payments
By Kristin Gramigna · May 7, 2015 • Mobile payments can make for a quick checkout experience, but that’s just the beginning of the potential this technology stands to deliver businesses — across industries. By leveraging additional marketing features of mobile payments, businesses can optimize existing efforts, and potentially, identify better methods of executing them.

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