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Creating a Videoconferencing Culture with Your Corporate Staff
Creating a videoconferencing culture starts with your employees and how they might use it. If the tools are beneficial and the training is adequate, you may see a communication revolution.

Projection Trends II: Creating Warping for Your Presentations
Image geometry correction is the latest technology incorporated into projectors to create the warping of the image. Using either graphics processing or signal processing, the latest technology can correct many imaging woes.

Trailblazer UC Davis Builds a Practice that Defines Telemedicine
University of California at Davis’ Dr. Thomas Nesbitt explains how to best prepare your staff for telemedicine. He also describes UC Davis’ long history and provides lessons learned.

Projection Trends: Edge-Blending Enhances Large Presentations
Now multiple projectors with high lumens allow you to choose a massive screen and project complex large-sized images. The latest techniques and technologies from Christie, Barco and DPI all make such projections simple.

USAV Members Look At Future Trends
Leaders in the A/V industry met recently to discuss what is hot, what issues they are facing and how best solve their customer's worries.

When Seconds Count, Does Your Emergency Communications System Measure Up?
Emergency notification, or mass notification, has many options, but integrating your warning "systems" and networking them is the latest solution. Another is to use a hosted solution, in which you place much of your system off-site.

How to Properly Test, Troubleshoot HDBaseT Systems

Ideas You Can Use in Your Corporate Facility? 10-foot Touchscreen is New Look of NYC Payphones
NYFi named the winner of New York City’s Reinvent Payphones Design Challenge.

Creating a Scope of Work Refines the Plans for Your A/V Project
A Scope of Work defines the design criteria, functionality requirements, timeline and outcome of the system in a way that captures your needs and establishes project expectations. What makes an effective scope of work is the balance of three main project components: system functionality, budget and time.

VUE Audiotechnik Announces New al-8 Compact Line Array System
Shipping this fall, the al-8 joins the al-4 Subcompact Line Array System, making the al-8 the second in VUE’s al-Class. The al-8 features beryllium compression drivers, Kevlar/Neodynium transducers, onboard networking and full compatibility with VUEPoint beam-steering technology.

What You Need to Know to Create the Best A/V RFP - Learn What Makes a Good Request for Proposal
Expert tips on how to create the Best A/V RFP. A good Request for Proposal needs to have a clearly-defined scope. Understanding new technologies, the attention to detail that accounts for every circumstance needs to be tempered with the clarity that prevents it from becoming an overwhelming document.

HTML5 Helps Bring BYOD into the Fold
HTML5 is the latest version of HTML and it is a game changer. Once a technology supports HTML5, data and features can be exchanged with other HTML-supported devices easily and without much additional programming.

When to Take the Automation Step
Both building owners and tenants lack the incentive to automate their building because they lack the understanding of who directly benefits from the addition. Learn when to consider adding control and automation technology to your building.

Electronics Design Group Part of History with World Trade Center Tower 7
Electronics Design Group was called on to finish the A/V integration at World Trade Center Tower 7 a little more than two years ago. The objective of the project, says CTO and Co-managing Director Rick Oeters, was to provide simple Savant iPad user interfaces that allowed the customer’s sales team to present videos and graphic plates describing the unique and visionary features that the new WTC site will provide to their potential clients. The scope included the lobby, marketing center and conference room.

InfoComm Roundup — Five Audio Product Trends To Watch
Dan Daley takes us through the aisles of InfoComm and identifies the latest audio trends. These trends include touch screens, portable sound, wireless and more. Products that caught his eye includes those made by Alto Professional, Avid, DiGiCo, K-array, Martin Audio, Peavey, Presonus and Sennheiser.

Whether it be for presentations, collaborations, or videoconferencing purposes, audio and video play a huge part in our daily meetings. Our Partner Resource explains how to fix problems with and improve your audiovisual system.