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HTML5 Helps Bring BYOD into the Fold
HTML5 is the latest version of HTML and it is a game changer. Once a technology supports HTML5, data and features can be exchanged with other HTML-supported devices easily and without much additional programming.

When to Take the Automation Step
Both building owners and tenants lack the incentive to automate their building because they lack the understanding of who directly benefits from the addition. Learn when to consider adding control and automation technology to your building.

Electronics Design Group Part of History with World Trade Center Tower 7
Electronics Design Group was called on to finish the A/V integration at World Trade Center Tower 7 a little more than two years ago. The objective of the project, says CTO and Co-managing Director Rick Oeters, was to provide simple Savant iPad user interfaces that allowed the customer’s sales team to present videos and graphic plates describing the unique and visionary features that the new WTC site will provide to their potential clients. The scope included the lobby, marketing center and conference room.

InfoComm Roundup — Five Audio Product Trends To Watch
Dan Daley takes us through the aisles of InfoComm and identifies the latest audio trends. These trends include touch screens, portable sound, wireless and more. Products that caught his eye includes those made by Alto Professional, Avid, DiGiCo, K-array, Martin Audio, Peavey, Presonus and Sennheiser.

One CTS’s Perspective: InfoComm 2013
Christopher Neto, CTS traveled the show floor on his first visit to see this years exhibitors. He saw quite the cross-section of products, snapped some photos and sent them to us. Whether it is an 84-inch touch screen from Planar or a Crestron room system that uses Microsoft Lync's unified communications capabilities, he pinpointed the vendors to keep an eye on. Vendors include Vaddio, Stewart Filmscreen, Planar, Listen Technologies, Mersive Solstice, Panasonic, Delta, Crestron, ClearOne and Barco.

Is 4K Ready for Your Prime Time?
The 4K format is starting to appear in areas where large screens are being used and in applications where the wow factor is important to an organization. 4K is defined as a generation of video technology beyond the 1920 x 1080 resolution of HDTV. The high-end signage has smoother edges, crisper images and improved bigger pictures. Current users include Iowa State University's Virtual Reality Applications Center and the Mirage Hotel and Casino Race and Sports Book, yet there are applications for nearly any organization.

The AV & IT Convergence Conversation Starter for Corporate Facilities
TechDecisions Media's Editor-in-Chief Cindy Davis talks to Mike Brandofino, executive vice president of Video and Unified Communications of AVI-SPL about the discussions A/V specialists and IT specialists should be having.

Avoiding Video Integration Pain Points
Cost, preparation and the lack of cooperation of your fellow employees are the most important areas where you will see pitfalls in your video integration efforts.

Understanding the Costs of Digital Signage
Pricing your digital signage plan properly means you have to have a grasp of the hardware, software, installation and labor costs. In addition, managing an on-going project and content creation strategy both have a cost. Budget accordingly.

Amp Up Lighting Controls Now - Important Energy Deadline Looming for Commercial Buildings
States have a deadline of Oct. 18, 2013 to certify that they have updated the provisions of their commercial building codes regarding energy efficiency. The mandate comes from the U.S. Department of Energy which requires that states update their building energy codes to meet or exceed (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers) 90.1-2010 codes, which amp up lighting controls over the previous 2007 version.

Scala CEO Tom Nix on Digital Signage and the Customer Experience
Scala, CEO Tom Nix talks with TechDecisions about digital signage, the customer experience and putting together a digital signage communication strategy.

What You Need to Know for Lighting Meeting Rooms, Auditoriums and Lecture Halls
Experts say that when lighting large spaces you should take into account the people that will be standing in the area, rather than just lighting a space. Think of presentations rather than a lit corner. Learn more from experts at AMX, Lutron and Brightline.

10 Tips for Succeeding in Unified Communications Deployment
Dan Newman discusses the top ten tips for adding unified communications to your technology arsenal. By combining voice, video, instant messaging and more to one network-based platform, resources are freed up for both the user and IT.

WebRTC enables quick and easy Web browser-to-Web browser Videoconferencing
WebRTC is a videoconferencing standard for use with supporting Web browsers. Freely available, the standard will make waves In the industry; however, many vendors see this technology as an enhancement to their own products. Google and Mozilla are supporting this standard as a way to gain market share, while Microsoft is developing its own version of this technology.

TechDecisions Guide to 65 Small On-wall or Surface-mount Loudspeakers
Surface-mount or on-wall loudspeakers are often useful where others fail. Learn more about these overlooked gems. In the round-up check out products from Community Pro, JBL, QSC, ElectroVoice and many others.

Open office space is an increasing trend. Find out how to integrate tech into your space.