One World Observatory Employs Tech To Enhance The View
By TD Staff · September 11, 2015 • New York’s latest observation deck is now open to the public, with the 100th floor inside the recently opened One World Trade Center boasting all the high-tech features you would expect from a modern high rise.

9 Technologies for Millennials in the Workplace
By Jonathan Blackwood · September 10, 2015 • Millennials have a lot of ideas about what the workplace should look like, and they’re willing to forego a job at a certain company if it doesn’t meet their standards. They want technology in the workplace. We’ve compiled a list of nine technologies that can help attract millennials talent to your company.

Does Unified Communications Encompass Collaboration?
By John Greene · September 9, 2015 • Unified Communications is a term for a number of pieces of the AV and IT industry that are currently converging thanks to advancements in technology. However, Unified Communications means different things to different people within the industry. When it comes to collaboration, there is definitely overlap with UC. But what is the relationship between collaboration and UC? Read on to find out.

Webinar: Why Your Business Needs a Language Strategy
By TechDecisions Staff · September 8, 2015 • Professor Robert Steven Kaplan of Harvard Business School speaks with Rosetta Stone about the benefits of implementing a language strategy.

Tourguide Device Helps Deliver Sound to Corporate Tours
By TechDecisions Staff · September 7, 2015 • Sweetwater Sound is one of the top online music retailers in the world. The company recently began using a Sennheiser Tourguide system in order to augment their corporate tours. The expansive, LEED certified facility is frequented by visitors often, and the company needed a reliable audio system to help deliver tours of the 100+ acre campus.

Symetrix Helps Achieve Rapid DSP Upgrade at Wisconsin Center
By TechDecisions Staff · September 4, 2015 • In barely a month, Metro Sound & Video implemented a powerful and easy-to-use new audio processing infrastructure based around 16 Symetrix SymNet Radius 12x8 DSPs.

Polycom Announces Three New RealPresence Solutions
By TechDecisions Staff · September 3, 2015 • Polycom RealPresence TouchTM solution brings ease-of-use to group visual collaboration solutions with an intuitive tablet interface and simple “click to dial” home screen feature. RealPresence Group Series 5.0 software directly interoperates with Microsoft solutions, giving users a richer content collaboration experience within Microsoft environments. RealPresence OTX Studio advances immersive visual collaboration with the most advanced HD video, graphics, and voice quality for mid-sized groups.

Uniting IT and Loss Prevention
By Pierre Bourgeix and Matt Neely · September 2, 2015 • IT security has become a major concern for companies across the globe. Securing assets against data breaches and cyber attacks raises new challenges for security teams. Due to this many companies are looking to install security governance programs into their corporate practices. Security governance brings physical and cyber security together to mitigate the risks of both.

Industry Weapon
Industry Weapon is a digital media company specializing in the advancement of digital signage applications. They defy the rules and create complex tools while remaining the simplest solution on the market. Their customers can expect a team that is passionate, knowledgeable and reliable. Industry Weapon, where digital signage is made simple.

Industry Weapon’s Content Management System, CommandCenterHD
By TD Staff · September 1, 2015 • Industry Weapon’s content management system, CommandCenterHD, is the hub that makes all of our products possible. This web-based interface is where content is uploaded, created, and scheduled into users’ digital signage campaigns.

Communicate with Your Employees with Digital Signage White Paper
By Industry Weapon · September 1, 2015 • Download this white paper from industry Weapon and learn why digital signage is the optimal choice for improving internal company communication.

Interview: Mike Kilian of Mvix Talks Video Walls
By Jonathan Blackwood · September 1, 2015 • Mike Kilian is the Director of Business Development for Mvix, a provider and installer of video wall displays and solutions. Corporate TechDecisions spoke with Mike about some of the considerations that tech decisions makers should have when thinking about installing or purchasing a video wall in their offices of lobby.

Mass Notification Systems: Warning Isn’t Enough
By TD Staff · August 31, 2015 • Mass notification systems work to inform a large group of an impending or current safety issue in a timely manner. Mass notification systems, as most technologies, have evolved over the years to incorporate so much more than what their fire alarm ancestors were capable of. Our document will explain some of the different types of systems you can install in your building, and how to keep up with them to ensure they are useful in case of an emergency.

Christie Introduces Captiva Series Laser Phosphor Projectors
By TechDecisions Staff · August 28, 2015 • Previewed at InfoComm recently, where it won a Best of Show award, the series features super-quiet performance and long lasting 20,000 hours of powerful lamp-free operation. It achieves full brightness within seconds, with the capability to move into standby mode with no cool down period. Christie Captiva ships in September 2015 with a three-year parts and labor warranty.

Custom Conference Table Hides Impressive AV System in Executive Boardroom
By Jonathan Blackwood · August 27, 2015 • When this company relocated its US headquarters there were a number of AV systems that needed to be installed. In addition, the company had aesthetic concerns for their new headquarters. In the Executive Boardroom, these two ideas came together to produce a custom built conference table that houses a sophisticated presentation system.

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