Gauging the Impact of the Ericsson and Cisco Partnership
By Jonathan Blackwood · November 24, 2015 • We discuss the analysis of the partnership between the two industry leaders in networking, mobility and cloud.

Implementing a Security Governance Program to Mitigate Risk through Communication
By Pierre Bourgeix and Matt Neely · November 19, 2015 • Issues or misinterpretations during communications can be security threats. Governance has potential to alleviate these risks.

BYOD Should Focus on Business Over Technology
By David Fuller · November 18, 2015 • The bring your own device movement is introducing new technology into the workplace, but is that tech working toward business goals?

Pell Study: U.S. Cybersecurity Preparedness Presents ‘Grim Picture’
By TechDecisions Staff · November 17, 2015 • While all 50 states are investing in broadband communications, only eight states were deemed equipped to deal with current and emerging threats from cyber espionage.

Kramer’s VIA Campus Aims to Help Increase Collaboration in the Classroom
By TechDecisions Staff · November 16, 2015 • Released at InfoComm Connections 2015, VIA Campus is a wireless presentation and collaboration solution serving the education market with usability for corporate training areas.

CEOs and CIOs: How to Use Military Strategies to Help Ward Off Cyber Security Threats
By John Greene · November 11, 2015 • C-suite leaders tend to underestimate the cyber threats—a leadership failure that puts everyone at risk. Instead, take a lesson from the U.S. military.

Upgrade Corporate Headquarters With Digital Signage
By Maria Caligiuri · November 10, 2015 • Don't waste your end of the year budget. Consider purchasing digital signage solutions to upgrade your office.

New Products Announced at NEC Display Solutions’ Partner Showcase 2015
By Jonathan Blackwood · November 9, 2015 • NEC Display Solutions, designers of projection and display technology, holds its annual Partner Showcase in NYC every year. This year’s show saw some new announcements for cool new tech, as well as the familiar NEC products that have impressed us all year long.

Forbes’s Five Technologies to Integrate into Businesses
By Jonathan Blackwood · November 6, 2015 • Forbes compiled a list of 5 new technologies that companies should start to consider integrating into businesses.

Why More Enterprise Cloud Spending Means Big Money for Integrators
By Daniel L. Newman · November 4, 2015 • Mid-market C-suite executives today are recognizing the value of cloud technology. What does that mean for CIOs and integrators?

How to Interact on Today’s Videoconferencing Systems
By Dan Daley · November 2, 2015 • Videoconferencing systems have become so sophisticated that they have almost surpassed reality, creating a hyper-real, immersive experience that can be compared to science fiction. These systems work best when human interaction and technological advancement are married to create the best experience.

Is Unified Communications, Unifying Communications
By Dan Newman · October 28, 2015 • Unified communications has yet to be defined by the industry. There are many versions and many arguments about what unified communications actually means.

Interview: Digital Sign­age Advice and Con­sid­era­tions from David Wible
By TechDecisions Staff · October 26, 2015 • TechDecisions sat down with David Wible, CEO of Industry Weapon, to talk about digital signage in the workplace.

Eyes Up Here: How to Draw Attention to Workplace Digital Signage
By Daniel L. Newman · October 23, 2015 • Digital signage is breaking out of its static, ad-only image and becoming a popular medium for company content. It's inevitable, and it's coming to an office near you.

Sustainability Should Still Be a Goal When It Comes To Collaboration Technology
By John Greene · October 21, 2015 • While the recent slump in oil prices has created a downturn in buzz about green technology, companies should still keep eco-friendly technology in mind when making purchases. Aside from the social benefits - it's always a great PR pitch when a company can boast about implementing green technology - in the long run green technology is economically viable as well. In the case of collaboration technology, going green can be a helpful solution.

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